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Round steel tray

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Round steel tray



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The “Extra Ordinary Metal” concept is the source of inspiration for the new “skin” of the fruit bowl “Twist Again” designed by Odile Decq, of the tray “JM14” and of the round basket “JM17” by Jasper Morrison. The chosen material is steel, worked “in grains” and elevated by the colours red and black that create a unique plastic effect. This new definition of the metallic surface is the interpretation from an industrial point of view one of the oldest and most fascinating goldsmith technique: Etruscan Granulation.
Granulation is a sophisticated technique that involves welding tiny gold or silver spheres onto a metal foil. Its history has spanned a wide variety of times, places and cultures, becoming a highly expressive means for producing beautiful jewellery. The granulation of the fruit bowl, the tray and the basket is obtained through a cold milling process. The arrangement of the “granules” on the steel surface follows a geometric order generated by the Fibonacci sequence, named after the Italian mathematician who identified the numerical code behind the Golden Ratio, one of the principles that governs shapes in nature. The result is a lavish interaction with light, for gleaming surfaces capable of enhancing complex shapes as well as pure, simple lines. The products of this collection match perfectly with any tableware sets of Alessi.

Round tray in steel coloured with epoxy resin, black/red with relief decoration.

Ø cm 35

Texture & Colors Collection by Alessi
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