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In our daily life, at home or at the office, we are in touch with indispensable objects, a wealth of products we cannot do without, which are in contact with us and interact with our body.
Among them, tables and chairs, whose main requirements are durability and ergonomic design.
Then, there are decorative objects: not in such a close relationship with our physical being, they stimulate emotions and sensations and we choose them based on elective affinity.
Over the years, Alias has focused more on the products of the first type, now, with this new collection it explores the world of the ephemeral, the world of decorative objects, and it does so through a poetic approach that is linked to something in the company’s DNA: experimenting with materials.
At the 2018 edition of the Furniture Show, Alias unveils Out of Scale, a collection of objects born of a long research conducted by Mario Trimarchi by cutting across the boundaries between nature, architecture, sculpture and design.
From Trimarchi’s pen come enigmatic architectural shapes, that become oneiric reefs, petrified forests, shady bowers. Alias gives concrete form to his sketches, through a study of materials and production techniques.
“These are objects made with the materials of architecture, and they hope to live as long as an architectural work. They are homes not shaped like homes that trigger the short circuit between space and design, between houses and things.
They are objects out-of-scale, maybe even without a scale, and hence mysterious.
With their presence and their shadows, they seem to be growing roots, delimit a territory, push away the other objects, talk to each other through the night.
These are objects made of concrete, wood, aluminium and bronze, milled, moulded, die-cast, and then caressed, sanded, finished by the precise hands of precise craftsmen.
They will contain oranges or bananas or grapes and cherries, or nothing at all. Sometimes they will stand still, motionless and empty, expressing the desire and the need to stop and consider the miracle of geometry.
Someone may want to buy them as a first step in setting up home, and then, slowly, build their house around them.” – Mario Trimarchi

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Out of Scale Collection by Alias
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