Alpac MYBOX 2.0 Box for roller shutter


MYBOX 2.0 By Alpac


Box for roller shutter

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MYBOX with HRV is the box for the renovation of the roller shutter compartment with integrated HRV.‎
Thanks to the practical click attachment system, Mybox is easy to install, ideal even on large holes.‎
Two solutions in one: a new and well-insulated box and also a correct air exchange system, without any hole on the external wall for the suction and expulsion of air thanks to the patented Alpac system.‎


The integrated high efficiency Hit Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system allows the correct ventilation of indoor spaces, making them healthier.‎ Thanks to the presence of special filters, in fact, MyBox with HRV purifies the incoming air from pollen and fine dust ( PM 10 and PM 2.‎5), germs, bacteria, CO2, harmful gases (such as radon) and VOC (such as formaldehyde).‎


Did you know that an old roller shutter box can be responsible for up to 25% of the facade's energy losses? Mybox is also ideal for preventing humidity excess and the formation of mold in the house.‎
The presence of a very silent double flow counter-current heat exchanger also allows a high heat recovery, avoiding the thermal changes linked to the opening of the windows and reducing energy consumption.‎

The advantages
- quick and easy assembly
- designed and tailor-made
- kit ready for installation
- high thermal insulation and certified air tightness
- high and certified sound insulation
- energy and cost savings
- increase the building's real estate value
- adaptable to any context
- easy maintenance
- state incentives

Also suitable for very large holes, available in a rounded or square version, adapt to be painted.‎

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