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Aluminium sculpture



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Raw&Rainbow, an iconic collection to celebrate the 10° anniversary, dedicated to the two souls of altreforme, the material one and the more pop.‎
Exaltation of aluminium in its purity and colorful pop soul: the dichotomy of altreforme takes shape in the special collection Raw&Rainbow, 10 iconic objects made by young representatives of Italian design.‎

“For the first ten years of altreforme I wanted to celebrate the two souls of this Brand: the most material dedicated to aluminium in its purity and flexibility, and the most pop inspired by our colorful finishes.‎
I chose 5 young Italian designers who had impressed me with their distinctive creative fair and I asked each of them to create two iconic objects, one more material and just raw, and the other colored with colours of the rainbow to tell these 10 years through their personal vision”.‎  Valentina Fontana Castiglioni

In order to pay homage to its own history, altreforme has used the inspiration of 5 big names in Italian design: Antonio Aricò, with his second collaboration with altreforme, Serena Confalonieri, Marcantonio, Alessandro Zambelli and the duo Zanellato/Bortotto.‎
From the creativity of this sparkling team, under the guidance of Valentina Fontana Castiglioni, founder and Art Director of the brand, was born Raw&Rainbow.‎ Each artist has been called to create two objects, one with a raw soul, a celebration of material, and a rainbow, to show that altreforme knows how to transform aluminium into a pop and ironic material.‎ 10 real works of art that will enter in the history, not only of altreforme but of the entire design world.‎  

BRUTO, Raw proposal of Raw&Rainbow collection
Brutus in the name and soul, but superb in its appearance, tells the aluminium as a hymn to matter, technique and formal refinement.‎
Bruto belongs to the Raw&Rainbow collection of 10 sculptures in limited edition, celebrating the X anniversary of altreforme.‎

(h) 60 x (l) 25 cm
Dimensions BRUTO

Raw&Rainbow Collection by altreforme
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