Antonio Lupi Design ZENITLED LED ceiling recessed spotlight

  • Designer GI-RA
  • Collection Zenit

ZENITLED By Antonio Lupi Design


LED ceiling recessed spotlight



A source that disappears in the ceiling.‎ The Zenit10 project revolves around the theme of absence, the overhead shower hides to leave the role of absolute protagonist to water.‎ The small dimensions determine a concentrated and intense jet, the absence of visible elements facilitates the insertion in any context or style.‎ Perfect to fit in minimal and contemporary settings, Zenit10 manifests itself only when it is operating, generating a source of hidden well-being.‎  Without a visible frame, the overhead shower appears as a simple hole in the false ceiling and refers explicitly to the image of other elements, proposing a radical change in meaning and function.‎ he origin of Zenit10 is in fact that of a recessed lighting fixture designed specifically for the bathroom, with the possibility of being placed inside the shower space.‎ Starting from the same recessed structure it was enough to replace the spotlight with the shower head to give life to a tool of well-being in very little space.‎

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Diam 8 cm, H 10 cm

Zenit Collection by Antonio Lupi Design
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