Antoniolupi INTROVERSO Freestanding marble washbasin


INTROVERSO By Antoniolupi


Freestanding marble washbasin


The idea of this washbasin is born by observing the workmanship of blank marble sculptures, in which the three-dimensional shape of the sculpture is outlined in steps and various depths of a diamond disc managed by a numerical control machine.‎ 
The inner core of the project is the idea that has accompanied from the start the project by Paolo Ulian for antoniolupi.‎
The marble block loses its monolithic appearance and is transformed into something ethereal, transparent, enclosing a secret nucleus.‎ A soul that can remain hidden, revealing the subtle play of light, or can be revealed slowly by breaking the edges of the blades.‎
When the block is blank, thin marble slats, which are formed by cutting, are broken with a hammer so as to bring out the raw sculpture that has formed in its interior.‎
The same process is used to realize the washbasin Introverso from a single white Carrara marble block.‎ Here the gaps between cuts hint at another inner core that you can decide to leave or to bring out by breaking part or all of the blades with a hammer.‎
In the latter case the new emerged shape will be characterized by a surface decor that is created with the breaking of the marble.‎
This machine cutting in series allows you to get a clear physical and visual relief of the sink, marble loses its typical monolithic form and turns into something ethereal and almost transparent.‎
By sliding your finger or other along the marble plates a soft and natural music is produced that comes from the soul of the stone and the peculiarities of his work.‎ 
Through the excitement of this new project continues the unstoppable path of antoniolupi, in search of beauty and elegance and a design that goes beyond time and space, functional and harmonious, original and at the same time with its own unmistakable identity.‎

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Ø45 cm x h 85 cm

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