Antoniolupi BABELE Outdoor bioethanol fireplace


BABELE By Antoniolupi


Outdoor bioethanol fireplace

Manufacture year


An ethanol fireplace suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, as there is no flue.‎ It can be positioned alongside a sofa or dining table, to create a “totem” around which people can sit, warm themselves and talk.‎ Alternatively it can be placed on the terrace, in the garden, or in a public place to mark off an entrance or to indicate a pathway.‎ Completely realized in 4 mm thick steel, its geometric structure perfectly accommodates the burner which is protected by tempered safety glass.‎ At the side, a folded panel invites the user to open a door into a useful space in which to keep accessories or, for example, a set of glasses and a bottle of brandy to be savored alone or with friends, that has been warmed by the heat and atmosphere of the hearth.‎ Available in two heights: 40x40x50 (h) cm and 40x40x90(h) cm, in black, white and Corten finish steel.‎

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