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HPL pivot door with vertical built-in handle

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HPL pivot door with vertical built-in handle



BKO: minimal door frame fitted entirely within the finished wall
The minimal BKO frame is placed ‘within’ the finished doorjambs.‎ The doorjambs can be finished in plaster, drywall, wood, etc.‎
The BKO-frame is screwed directly on to the finished doorjambs using rubber anti-vibration shims.‎ The paintable joint of 2.‎ 5 mm between the anodized aluminium profile and wall finish is levelled off smoothly.‎
ANYWAYdoors are always placed in the centre of the wall thickness.‎ This central position ensures an identical view on both sides of the door.‎ Off-centre is possible, but never flush with the wall surface.‎ The outside line of the door leaf remains at least 25mm from the edge for mounting & stability purposes.‎
This door frame system is the most popular solution because it is easy to fit and doesn’t require any pre-installed parts.‎

Technical specifications:
The anodised aluminium BKO-frame measures 48 x 25 mm and is fitted in the centre of the finished door opening.‎ This position prevents fissures, cracks, loosening and makes the walls visually identical from both rooms.‎ The joint of at least 2.‎ 5 mm is finished off at a right angle with a paintable sealant.‎
The BKO-frame is available in both a matte silver and black anodized finish.‎
The door leaf is fitted into the block door BKO-profile using concealed self-closing pivot hinges, attached to the BKO frame.‎ The hinge position remains interchangeable between the left and right side of the door frame.‎ Visually 25 mm BKO profile remains visible around the door leaf.‎ Floor transitions or setting joints should be in the centre of the doorway.‎ Skirting on the inside of the door opening is touched-up afterwards.‎

Preparation: finished doorjambs + floors

After installation: touch up skirting boards & paint sealant joint.‎

ANYWAYdoors features:
ANYWAYdoors are made entirely from maintenance free and high-tech materials such as anodized aluminium and Resopal Massiv full core HPL of 3 mm thickness.‎ The finishing possibilities are nearly endless because every door is custom made.‎
- Invisible self-closing pivot hinges
- Adjustable 1-way or 2-way swing/opening
- Adjustable hinge side
- Hands-free & silent locking mechanism
- Integrated finger crush protection
- built-in handles
- Made-to-measure

Further info from manufacturer on SVD BKO

BKO Collection by Anyway Doors
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