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walls by patel
show me your walls.‎ .‎ .‎

Wallpaper completely reinterpreted: The exuberant abundance of murals in the "walls by patel" collection offers an innovative, completely different approach to the design of spaces.‎ Far from being in the background, the wall takes over the main role – the two designers Kathrin and Mark Patel use it as a stage to present an attitude to life.‎

Be they extravagant, urban, playful or meditative, the over 200 designs are united by one trait:  Each mural presents an emotional leitmotif and characterises the surroundings.‎ The prints create an impressive visual statement in the resident’s interiors and private indoor spaces.‎ The Patel designs are suitable for defining zones with different atmospheres in specific fields – for example in gastronomy, in the hotel industry, in shops or in waiting areas.‎ A decisive step in the redefinition of the wall design by "walls by patel" is the optical integration of a background into the design.‎ Concrete, clinker or a type of patina have been incorporated in the digital prints.‎ which creates a very sensual look and an almost three-dimensional impression – as if the design were painted directly on the wall.‎ Another novelty are the variations in colour.‎

The effect of the digital prints is extremely high quality and a classic aesthetic.‎ They either skilfully represent certain interior design styles, or they seek to consciously break away from what would normally be expected.‎ The playfulness with colours, shapes and textures creates pure ‘joie de vivre’ – and the invitation to rethink wall design.‎ "walls by patel" illustrates the very personal style diversity of two people, whose understanding of design always includes a break away from conventions and traditional visual habits.‎

- Walls by Patel:
210 motifs
- Walls by Patel II: 270 motifs
Material: different types of non-woven quality
Properties: flame resistant, good lightfastness, wash resistant, eco-friendly, dry strippable
Dimensions: according to customers’ specifications, standard width 100 cm  

Further info from manufacturer on EXOTIC BIRDS
4,00 m x 2,70 m

Walls by Patel II Collection by Architects Paper
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