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Spreaded mortar


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Spreaded mortar


Resin, Microcement

deko'MALTA ARKdeko® is a product designed to coat all surfaces with a modern design and a natural materical effect, in commercial and private spaces.‎ deko'MALTA ARKdeko® is available in 12 colors, Natural Colors Collection and on customization.‎ It gives surfaces a natural, slightly cloudy and texturized cementitious appearance and it meets the needs of the most attentive consumers, always looking for originality, naturalness and authenticity.‎

To recall the natural material ARKdeko'® has selected a range of colors consisting essentially of bases of oxides, earths and pure silicates, which express both warm and cold shades and reflect the chromatic tendencies of surface design.‎
The nuance collection offers an extraordinary mix of shades, as well as two different textures: Soft, thinner, and Rough, materic.‎ The relationship with surfaces in deko'MALTA ARKdeko'® is not just visual.‎ The contact with the surfaces gives the skin pleasant sensations, demonstrating the different consistencies of the coating.‎ The epidermis is able to capture the different textures: the Soft texture, thinner and more delicate, and the harder and harsh texture of Rough, transmit important emotional experiences to the contact to build the relationship with the surface.‎ The concept deko'MALTA ARKdeko'® to "feel the surfaces" highlights the spontaneous gesture of each person, touching the materials to capture their essence.‎

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