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Modular sectional sofa

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Upholstered modular sofa components.‎ All layouts are to be completed with a component fitted with armrest at each end (see layout examples).‎ It is possible to create layouts fitted with corner components (90° or 135°).‎ Upholstery in fabric, customer’s fabric, leather or faux leather.‎ Fully removable cover version available upon request without surcharge.‎

Loop is a modular system of soft sofa elements that combine in short clusters or long, flowing lines as unique and expressive as a signature.‎ While graphic in form and silhouette, the overall effect is almost architectural.‎ In large spaces the linear form inscribes areas for waiting, resting and meeting.‎ At home, it may be compact or commanding depending on what is required.‎
A padded wooden frame mounted on a brushed steel structure with steel or aluminum feet is upholstered in a wide range of fabrics.‎ A fully removable velcro-fastened cover is available.‎ System elements include both short (130 cm) and long segments (195 cm), concave (30°) and convex (30°/45°/90°) corner units and arm rest ends that can be attached and detached.‎ Custom upholstery is also available.‎

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Loop Collection by Arper
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