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Mirrored wooden wardrobe


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LEONARDO | Mirrored wardrobe By Arredoclassic


Mirrored wooden wardrobe



Each element is inspired by the purity of the straight line, played by a neo-classical style.‎ The passion for formal sharpness joins the pursuit of details and gold-leaf-craftsmanship in a new synthesis of balance and character.‎
The headboard of the bed is backlit with a system of warm LED lights, in order to create an even more intimate and cozy atmosphere.‎ Similarly, the mirror of the dressing table and the wardrobe come in two options: either plain or with a gold leaf crown, for a more refined taste.‎ In order to complete the furniture of the bedroom, in the Leonardo Collection also the Tall Chest is introduced, which graces the sleeping area with a sophisticated and adaptable solution.‎

The Leonardo wardrobe is an unforgettable design element.‎ Capacious and functional, this element features an attractive variation of thickness of the lateral volumes, creating an intense play of light and shade.‎ This element, with its gilt frames and finial composing sinuous lines does not fail to go noticed and embellishes your home.‎

Шкаф Leonardo является незабываемого элемента дизайна.‎ Это большой и функциональный элемент имеющий приятную вариацию толшины боковых объёмов, создавая таким образом сильную игру светотени.‎ Это элемент который со своими золотыми рамами и извилистой короной не пройдёт незамеченным и украшает вашу жизнь.‎

Classical elegance and contemporary rationality come together in a balance of patterns and proportions: this is the stylistic peculiarity of the Leonardo Collection.‎
The new collection traces the history of Arredoclassic and represents its evolution.‎ By means of unreleased touches of movements and a thorough research for materials, decorations and fabrics, Leonardo renews the aesthetic codes, that have made ​​the Italian brand famous in the whole world.‎ Frames, decorative cornices and gold leaf crowns, which gracefully enrich the purity of the furniture, highlight the linear profiles or give them movement with embellishments, though always establishing harmony in the whole composition.‎ Leonardo tells a lifestyle, a dream that never ends, a desire for elegance come true every day.‎

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Leonardo Collection by Arredoclassic
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