Arrital AK_PROJECT_04 Fitted kitchen with island


AK_PROJECT_04 By Arrital


Fitted kitchen with island

In 2024, Arrital focuses on updating and expanding its Ak_Project, a system that revolutionises the concept of the kitchen, giving architects and designers access to a versatile, smart and dynamic design platform.‎
Ak_Project, launched in 2017 as a complete kitchen system designed to continually evolve and cater to varying market needs, now broadens its reach even further.‎
Every person wants a home that reflects their needs and lifestyle, accommodating both their dreams and daily routine.‎ The kitchen and living area are key spaces that play a twofold role: on one hand, an intimate refuge and on the other, the perfect setting for pleasant socialising.‎ These primarily functional spaces must also convey a strong identity through aesthetic qualities that faithfully represent the style and personality of their residents.‎
Ak_Project, designed to have no limits and inspired by each person’s way of life, addresses new design challenges in a range of contexts differing in setting, style and size, demonstrating its versatility.‎ Ak_Project stands out in every setting, tapping into the room’s potential and satisfying the needs of both clients and designers, becoming the leading element in the spaces.‎

Ak_Project is a “project” developed by looking at things from the perspective of end users and designers.‎ Every Ak_Project kitchen merges with the living area, expressing a range of different styles within the same room.‎ Approaching the new Ak_Project and Feeling Home collections – two Arrital brands dedicated to home living – as a “Project”, means looking at the world through the eyes of people, understanding where and how they live, interpreting their personalities and desires.‎ But it also means offering retailers, designers, architects and end users a multifaceted and multi-channel range, an interpretive platform of eclectic styles, where products become notes to be interpreted in harmony with each person’s tastes and lifestyle, remaining true to the brand’s identity and Arrital’s style.‎

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Ak_Project Collection by Arrital
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