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Choosing posters, prints, wall decorations and objects of art is central in setting the tone of a house as this complete the design of the interiors and confers to it a unique and personal character. Be it an object with an emotional meaning, the memory from a trip, a friend’s present or even just a painting that touched us; positioning such elements appropriately can contribute to enhance them and at the same time decorate the environment.

How to choose prints and paintings to decorate your interiors

Before you purchase your new paintings and prints it is better to carefully evaluate the spaces available and to figure out which walls are empty. It will be then possible to decide whether to buy a single large painting, proportionate to the available space, or several small paintings, also of various sizes so to create a composition on the wall. In case you decide to opt for one large single painting, it is good to think thoroughly of the most adequate colors to finish the room furnishing project, by evaluating the colors and materials of the surrounding furniture, of the floor and of any other element that is positioned in the same field of vision. Of course, once you have identified the color palette that your painting or print should have, you can range in the choice of the subject that comes closest to your taste and style: it can be a classic or modern, figurative or abstract subject. It can also be a typographical poster, a reproduction taken from a herbarium, an original illustration, a movie poster or one from an exhibition. The options are close to endless. In case you opt for a composition made of more paintings and prints, you can have fun thinking of combinations based on colors or subjects. It will be then possible to set a tidy composition, for example made of three paintings of the same theme and the same size, chosen in coordination, or start with a couple of paintings chosen on the basis of your tastes to then go on with enriching the wall with other prints, large and small, to be hanged at different heights, so to give the wall an effect of movement.

Decorate the walls with original solutions

Next to paintings and prints, walls can be decorated by ranging among different products categories. Wall stickers are often seen as an option only for the kids room. However the market offers solutions that are also suitable for other areas of the house, which include non-woven paper or vinyl stickers, which have the great advantage - compared to wallpaper - of being removable (and possibly re-usable) without damaging the walls: for this reason they are excellent solutions in rented apartments, but not only. Among others, tapestries are another option and an alternative to the classic paintings if you want to add a three-dimensional effect to the wall, without taking to much space. The most valuable are hand-woven and often knotted ones in wool or silk, but there are also more accessible versions made of synthetic materials, such as polyesthere. Decorative panels can be used in various ways, as boiseries or as all-length covering. The market offers a host of decorations, as well as the supporting materials can span from wood to ceramics, from metal to glass and synthetic fiber.

Sculptures and miniatures to decorate the horizontal surfaces

Sculptures are another alternative to paintings to decorate your house. Not simple knick-knack but fully fledged objects of art, which to reserve a dedicated space within the furniture. In this case too the styles to choose from are multiple. One last option is represented by miniature collections, an increasingly popular option among design enthusiasts. Very famous are Vitra’s miniatures, but also Driade’s, Gufram’s and altreforme’s which dedicate to their fans scale reproduction of their most iconic furniture pieces.

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