FLEXIA | Pendant lamp

Acoustic swivel pendant lamp


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FLEXIA | Pendant lamp By Artemide


Acoustic swivel pendant lamp


Recycled Material, Recycled PET

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Flexia is a suspension lamp with adjustable wings characterized by the combination of an acoustic panel and a transparent emitting surface for a uniform and comfortable diffused emission, ideal for work spaces in any installation position.‎
The sound-absorbing part is made with recycled fibers: the external fabric is 100% from PET bottles while the internal panel derives from waste materials.‎
Available in blue, green and red colors.‎

Inspired by papiroflexia, the art of papyrus-folding, Flexia is reminiscent of the Japanese art of origami.‎
Flexia stems from the combination
of the technical lighting know-how of Artemide and the experience in sustainable design of Mario Cucinella, whose work pursues a constant focus on sustainable, conceived according to a holistic approach and laid out on all design scales.‎
The acoustic panel section controls reverberation, absorbing the sound waves reflected in the environment, whilst the patented Discovery technology, the result of research by Ernesto Gismondi into the quality of the light that animates the transparent emitting surface, generates a diffused emission of light that is both even and comfortable that also respects UGR standards for use in work spaces in any installation position.‎
Flexia’s flexible wings are equipped with a rotation mechanism that goes from 0 to 15° and 30° meaning that the many possible inclinations and positions can help calibrate interaction with the environment; shape, materials and density are selected to work mainly on the frequencies of human speech; the result is beauty that derives from a parametric and functional intelligence.‎
This goes hand-in-hand with a careful choice of materials; in particular, the sound-absorbent part is developed using recycled fibres: the external fabric comes 100% from PET bottles, whilst the internal panel is obtained from waste materials.‎
Flexia has been designed to improve the quality of the environments, generating an efficient combination for all lighting needs; the juxtaposition of multiple modules can shape environments based on the principles of perfectly balanced light and sound.‎

* The product is not yet available.‎

Flexia integrates the INTEGRALIS® system
INTEGRALIS® combines sanitizing efficacy with luminous performance and design beauty.‎
INTEGRALIS® also integrates itself in both the environments and moments of life by interpreting the rhythms and needs of humankind.‎
INTEGRALIS® was born from Artemide’s scientific and technological research and humanistic and social vision.‎
INTEGRALIS® is an innovative and a sustainable light platform aimed at a conscious and responsible use towards the environment.‎


INTEGRALIS® is integrated into numerous products of the Artemide collection allowing to improve the safety and environmental quality of human life in different context.‎

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126.5 x 126.5 x h 5 cm
Dimensions FLEXIA | Pendant lamp

Flexia Collection by Artemide
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