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Direct light pendant lamp


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Direct light pendant lamp


Fabric, Aluminium

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It is a suspension system that models the qualities of space according to a molecular growth, combining light and sound absorption.‎ Formed by circular structures of three different diameters, it works by performance layers that can be modulated as needed.‎ The structures can be simple electrical connection elements, unveil with "pure" light or be enriched by a diffuser, that in addition to interacting with the light has acoustic absorption properties.‎ The basic element of the product is the circular ring whose profile is a synthesis of optics and mechanics.‎ The structures are made of an innovative thermo-conductive moulded plastic material that dissipates heat, allowing high power LEDs to be used.‎ Ripple is proposed in a basic cluster of three elements, but the strength of the project lies in the absolute freedom to model the environmental qualities of the space in which it is inserted starting from the single rings.‎ The free composition of the elements and their performance layers (connection, light, acoustics) calibrates the illuminances and the potential for acoustic control.‎ In addition, the possibility to use the rings only as a connection structure allows to distribute in the space the active elements without generating waste and excess, bringing the light only where it is needed.‎ Ripple can therefore grow from measured parameters of light and acoustics and their relationship with space.‎ Starting from simple lines or geometries of elements with a constant diameter, moving to a more organic and free growth that unites different diameters to form customised solutions with a scenographic effect.‎ Once again, Artemide's project with BIG is guided by a strong idea of interaction with spaces, an open, modular and scalable solution that combines technological innovation with compositional intelligence, translating them into something apparently elementary but scenographic and full of potential.‎ This freedom of configuration is then combined with flexibility in the management, given by the interaction with Artemide App.‎

*The product is not yet available.‎ ‎

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