Artemide DISCOVERY SPACE | Pendant lamp

LED direct-indirect light pendant lamp


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DISCOVERY SPACE | Pendant lamp


LED direct-indirect light pendant lamp


Aluminium, Technopolymer

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A family of appliances based on a minimal geometry: the project focuses on technology and on the quality of light on the clear emitting surface.‎  Discovery is an unprecedented development of a well-known optical principle, obtained through the technological know how and deep knowledge of light of Artemide, which are conveyed through the controlled interaction with matter and a focus on its yield and perceptive qualities.‎ An ultra-light rounded aluminium rim hosts to a LED strip injecting light into a clear PMMA surface, processed for the purpose.‎ It is a non-intrusive element that, utterly absent and immaterial, becomes perceptible when switched on, thanks to the light outlining its central emitting surface.‎ Almost by magic, the inside changes from clear to full of light, absence turns into a perfect diffusing emitting surface.‎ Direct and indirect emission produces an embracing and uniform light.‎ This unique result is obtained through the texture of the clear sheet, processed with micro-engravings of such a small size as to be hardly perceptible when the appliance is off.‎ Their geometry and layout are carefully calculated to obtain constant emission throughout the surface.‎  These generate accurate and punctual light extraction by balancing flows vs.‎ the emitting surface, and thus ensuring perfect visual comfort.‎
Discovery is controllable with Artemide App.‎

Discovery becomes squared or rectangular.‎ It is no longer only a frame capable of interacting with the surrounding environment, framing for example perspectives, points of view or details, but it creates scenes capable of shaping spaces through the presence or absence given by its different levels of transparency.‎
Not only a new shape, but also the introduction of coloured and Tunable White light, which make it an even more magical and scenographic element.‎ The combination of RGBW LEDs (red, green, blue, white) allows any colour hue and saturation, in addition to pure white.‎ The Tunable White version varies the colour temperature from warm white to cold white.‎ The construction principle remains the same of the previous versions.‎ An ultra-light aluminium ring hosts a LED strip that injects light into a clear PMMA surface, with a pattern of distributed micro-incisions for maximum efficiency and uniformity.‎ These generate a precise and punctual light extraction, following a balance of the flows with respect to the emitting surface which guarantees a perfect visual comfort, an enveloping and constant light on both sides.‎
Performance and flows are high, but the effect is absolutely comfortable, so much so that it even complies with UGR standards for workplaces in any installation position.‎ Already since the first versions of Discovery Artemide has broken the classic patterns and preconceptions - that usually present a clear division between design appliances and more technical performances of systems for the workplace -, now with the introduction of colour it also opens to new applications and scenarios increasingly more aimed at well-being and emotionality.‎ Since the 1990s Artemide has worked on Human Light, marking a fundamental turning point in the way of interpreting light and its relationship with man.‎ It introduced not only the use of coloured light but also a different relationship with the light object.‎ Discovery Space introduces a new perceptive experience.‎ In its continuous relationship between man and the environment, it becomes a constructive material of the space, it limits territoriality and it influences moods, it supports the flow of life rhythms, behaviours, and emotions, and it ensures a correct vision when carrying out different activities.‎

*The product is not yet available.‎ ‎

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Discovery Collection by Artemide
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