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LED direct light aluminium pendant lamp

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LED direct light aluminium pendant lamp


extruded aluminium

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Kardo is a suspension lamp office capable of providing at the same time a general lighting and personal.‎ The ambient lighting is mainly diffused indirect, direct emission is controlled by a micro-prism methacrylate lower diffuser in transparent with UGR <19 and lets achieve a 300lux illuminance on the work surface.‎ This is activated / deactivated by means of two presence detectors and is controlled by a daylight sensor placed in the end caps.‎ The device is therefore designed to provide independently for on, off and the primary light intensity adjustment.‎   When workstations are abandoned, the primary light initially maintains the previous state and then lower its intensity and off according to predetermined time intervals.‎ Whenever the unit detects a new presence of people, the primary light is turned back with proper intensity to daylight In the central part of the device you can be activated two task light.‎ Kardo is in fact designed to meet the needs of offices, in particular to manage the light in configurations with frontally positioned desks.‎ The task light are focused on the work area, create a illuminance useful contribution to achieve 500 lux and can be managed directly by the user.‎ The switching on and off of the personal light takes place in fact through proximity sensor.‎ Auto Power Off is synchronized to switching off the general light in the absence of personnel in the work.‎ Kardo do not only ensures correct performance of light but intelligent user interaction.‎ It allows the customization of your area in compliance with regulations and manage independently the general illumination according to the real needs of presence and natural light to ensure functionality and energy saving

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