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Sectional door

Attractive and easy to operate, glazed and panel Overhead Sectional Industrial Doors are a durable, tight-sealing fit for all manner of industrial and commercial facilities.‎

The perfect fit for industry
Industrial Doors are a vital component in the movement of goods into and out of working and commercial facilities.‎ A wide range of accessories can be added to our four basic overhead sectional industrial door designs -
Insulated panel doors offer maximum thermal insulatation and weather protection for warehouses, distribution centres and workshop type facilities.‎
Glazed aluminium frame arrangements offer excellent visibility and daylight inlet with a sturdy supporting structure.‎
Fully-Glazed are the ideal door system for an almostly completely glass look.‎ Blends in seamlessly with curtain walling and glazed facades.‎

ASSA ABLOY OH1042S overhead sectional doors have been designed with a modified control system and reinforced construction to increase speed and benefit your business.‎ Speed improves your working environment, increases safety, reduces energy expenses and more.‎ The ASSA ABLOY OH1042S is engineered to let your business be busy.‎

The benefits of speed
For businesses with frequently used doors, vehicles of different height, concerns of temperature control, regular door-collisions or an interest in reducing drafts and dust – speed provides an invaluable advantage.‎ With an operating speed of one meter per second, the OH1042S not only saves time but gives it back to you.‎

Energy and economy efficient
Speed gives you control over indoor climate with a faster closing time.‎ It has tight seals for water tightness, wind load and air permeability.‎ More regulation over temperature means less heat loss, less wasted energy, and lower CO2 emissions.‎
Concerned with safety, comfort and convenienceWhen the door's photo-cell light grid system detects an obstacle in the door opening, it stops the door immediately, reducing the risk of accidents and injury.‎ Because the door is faster, the risk of collisions with vehicles and loading materials while opening is much lower.‎
The fast opening and closing speed prevents unwanted drafts to create a better, healthier work environment for employees – giving peace of mind in a more convenient, comfortable and safer business.‎

A door to fit your needs
You can customize the ASSA ABLOY OH1042S.‎ Configure track systems, select the color of the door, and choose the shape, number and placement of windows.‎ There are literally thousands of options so you can tailor your door to your unique operation.‎

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