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Dekton® table with warming module


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AGATHE | Table By Aurehum


Dekton® table with warming module



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Custom-made and customizable, Agathe allow to live unforgatable moments of conviviality, from aperetif to digestive.‎
The top of our dekton® outdoor tables and the structure of our exterior tables in aluminum profiles & inox austenitic.‎
You can customize this one in many ways : dimensions, shapes, materials, colors, and accessories.‎

All is integrable on the kitchen table Agathe :
- Teppanyaki Hot Plate
- Induction tray
- Grill
- Stone grill
- Raclette grill
- Griddle
- Cutting board
- Ice bucket
- Ethanol fireplace
- USB plug
- LED light
We can study any other requests.‎

This kitchen table is specially designed for the outdoors.‎ We work with finest materials that are weather resistant and low maintenance.‎
Dekton®, aluminum and inox are raw materials of Agathe but we are able to study any suggestions.‎
The Dekton is used for the tray of Agathe.‎ It is a scratch-resistant, stain-resistant material but it is also a material resistant to ultraviolet rays, which ensures durability over time in the presence of sun exposure.‎ Non-combustible, the tray can withstand high temperatures without burning or cracking.‎ Resistant to thermal shock, it is naturally resistant to freezing and thawing.‎ The Dekton tray, thanks to its non-porous surface, requires little maintenance.‎ The Dekton tray offers high durability and colour stability over time.‎
Aluminium is a semi-precious metal that offers us many advantages.‎ It is corrosion resistant, strong, non-toxic and lightweight.‎ Aluminium makes it possible to combine quality, durability and aesthetics.‎ Perfectly stable, it does not flake off and guarantees simple and minimal maintenance for maximum service life, even by the sea.‎ Anodizing treatment ensures a corrosion-resistant product and increases its durability.‎
316L stainless steel is an austenitic stainless steel.‎ It is a high quality marine stainless steel, highly resistant to corrosion (especially chlorine and marine area).‎ It is also a material compatible with food contact.‎

Further info from manufacturer on AGATHE | Table Aurehum

Max length: 3200 mm
Height: 760 mm
Width: 1200 mm
(custom length and height)

Dimensional recommendations:
- 4 people: 1300mm x 1200mm
- 6 people: 1900mm x 1200mm
- 8 people: 2500mm x 1200mm
- 10 people: 3200mm x 1200mm
Bim and Cad

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AGATHE - assemblage final
AGATHE - pour envoiAssemblage tole plus induction
AGATHE - pour envoiAssemblage tole plus teppanyaki
AGATHE - pour envoicache côté
AGATHE - pour envoidevconceptv3Assemblage pieds
AGATHE - pour envoidevconceptv3jambe gauche 2
AGATHE - pour envoidevconceptv3jambe gauche
AGATHE - pour envoidevconceptv3profilé 2 petot
AGATHE - pour envoifinalbac partie electrique
AGATHE - pour envoifinalbarre 80x40 3200 1600
AGATHE - pour envoifinalbarres
AGATHE - pour envoifinaldevAssemblage induction
AGATHE - pour envoifinaldevconcept320 profilé coté
AGATHE - pour envoifinaldevconceptv3plaque induction
AGATHE - pour envoifinaldevconceptv3plateau
AGATHE - pour envoifinaldevconceptv3profilé 1500
AGATHE - pour envoifinaldevconceptv3profilé 3200 1600 4mm
AGATHE - pour envoifinaldevconceptv3profilé 3200 1600 v2
AGATHE - pour envoifinaldevplateau complément
AGATHE - pour envoifinalpiece signaler ouverture
AGATHE - pour envoifinalPièce2 cache
AGATHE - pour envoifinalpietement tole plane
AGATHE - pour envoifinalsystème récipient
AGATHE - pour envoiplanche à découper
AGATHE - pour envoiSamsung NZ64K7757BK
AGATHE - pour envoistructure porteuse
AGATHE - pour envoitôle 300x400 bac
AGATHE - pour envoitôle 600x400
AGATHE - assemblage table step

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