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Anti-theft and security system

The AVE DOMINA anti-intrusion range opens up to home automation and IoT through smart products and features; the result is a complete, connected and integrated anti-theft system, full of opportunities for professionals.‎
The anti-intrusion system becomes smart with AVE, which revolutionizes the security sector through an extremely innovative solution, designed to meet the modern needs of end users and, equally, expand the installers’ opportunities.‎
At the centre of AVE innovation there are the smart IoT central units (the AF927PLUSTC model with a 7" touch screen and the AF927PLUS one with multi-function LED) - devices with integrated Wi-Fi module and web server - which enable the interaction among anti-intrusion, AVE home automation systems (unifying them in the DOMINA Smart integrated platform) and IoT, allowing the anti-intrusion system’s management also through any device with a web browser: PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.‎ Any computer, smartphone, tablet can connect to the central unit via AVE Cloud, allowing the end user and/or installer to operate on the central unit remotely, as if he was acting directly on it.‎ Alongside the anti-intrusion central units there are: an innovative remote control, enhanced by customizable smart functions (up to 6) with the possibility of also recalling home automation scenarios (in the presence of a home automation supervisor in the system), and a wide range of radio detectors and peripherals (volumetric, curtain effect, multi-functional perimetric detectors, an interface for technical alarms and a sounder with voice messages).‎ In other words, everything needed to create a state-of-the-art mixed wired/wireless anti-intrusion system.‎
To further validate this proposal a series of advantages that only the AVE anti- intrusion system is able to offer:
- Unique interface for home automation and anti-intrusion systems
- Unique APP and CLOUD for home automation and anti-intrusion systems
- Remote controls for devices through the same interface that is present on the central unit (exactly as if it were acting directly on the central unit)
- Simple installation interface
- Intuitive use from any device with a web browser: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
- Updates and/or modifications are automatically applied and managed by all devices connected to the central unit.‎

Further info from manufacturer on DOMINA SMART IOT AVE

Building automation system interfaces Collection by AVE
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