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Reasons to choose a hotel automation system:
1. To reduce management costs
The automation allows better efficiency and easiness and consequently you can save energy consumptions for light, heating etc. till 30 40%.

2. For safety of the whole structure
The automation system allows to reach very high security standards that can prevent thefts and intrusions.

3. To distinguish yourself from the mass
Yr. guest will be impressed by luxury, quality and extreme efficiency and the hotel will acquire a sensible added value.

4. To have a system updated with the latest technologies
Nowadays the hotels that want to excel must offer something more to their guests.

5. To have a total control of the whole structure
The hotel system allows an immediate interface with all the devices present in the structure and staff/guests control.
Why choosing AVE among many offers:
1. Because it is extremely easy to use.

2. For the total safety of the structure.
If, for example, the room is empty, all the devices controlled by the system will be inhibited. The different alarms connected to the active devices are displayed at the reception.

3. Because it is useless to waste energy when it is not necessary.
The system allows a more advanced consumption optimization thanks to room and common areas management according to their status.

4. Because AVE is a total “Made in Italy” expression.

5. Because AVE has a complete range of products.
AVE products range includes: hotel management system, domotics, fire detection systems, wiring accessories, anti-intrusion, video entryphones, ventilation, etc…

6. Because the products are” design objects”.

7. Because AVE creates “clothes made to measure” for the customer.
Different colours and customizations with logo and writings.

8. Because you can verify the hotel state remotely.
The software allows remote monitoring and controlling of the system via local network or internet.

9. To have always the situation under control.
The system allows to control the room status when the guest is not present. If one door or one window is opened (or left opened by mistake) and the guest is not present, the system displays an alarm on the reception PC; this helps to prevent thefts and intrusions.

10. Because it is an innovative product.
The system interfaces with VRV Daikin and VRF Mitsubushi besides the main front office softwares.

11. To optimize staff costs.
Staff will receive the indication about the rooms to tidy up at the same time when the guests are checking out. Furthermore it is possible to
monitor the time spent by the staff inside the rooms.

12. For assistance.
Technical support is guaranteed by qualified personnel in the company and assistance centres all over Italy.

Hotel automation system Collection by AVE
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