Axor AXOR CITTERIO E 1 hole countertop washbasin mixer


AXOR CITTERIO E | Countertop washbasin mixer By Axor


1 hole countertop washbasin mixer

AXOR CITTERIO E | Countertop washbasin mixer designed by Antonio Citterio.‎

Aesthetic appeal, sophisticated functionality and outstanding workmanship: with Axor Citterio E Philippe Grohe and Italian architect/designer Antonio Citterio introduced a new collection of bathroom fixtures in the fall of 2014 that exude elegance, high quality and worth.‎
The Axor Citterio E fixtures are characterized by a balanced contrast of smooth shapes, clean lines and precious surfaces – features of elegance and high quality, respectively.‎ Soft and slender mixer handles characterize the entire collection’s design, as in the single lever faucet with its modern and upright joystick handle, or in the 3-hole mixers with their classic cross-handles.‎ All 37 products that make up the collection share a visually appealing and harmonious look that complements a variety of styles, from art nouveau to modern urban.‎
Easy volume and temperature control is an important feature of the entire collection – from washbasin to bathtub and shower mixers.‎ In their archetypal shapes, the various handles of the thermostat modules allow the user to intuitively grasp their functions: the cross-handle controls water volume and the cylindrical thermostat handle controls the temperature.‎ In hotel bathrooms, a two-way diverter clearly indicates which shower head is currently in use.‎ In addition, Hansgrohe’s Select Thermostat technology, through a simple push of a button and easy-to-understand icons, allows separate control of hand, side, and overhead showers.‎ In the bathtub, users can switch from the bath spout to the hand shower by pulling on a clearly labeled lever – even with soapy hands.‎

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Axor Citterio E Collection by Axor
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