Bar cabinets

A bar cabinet is a furnishing accessory that contributes to the creation of a convivial environment within the living area and is synonymous with personality and taste for design furniture. It represents an unfailing presence in the areas destined to welcome guests and is available in numerous types equipped with all the accessories needed to satisfy any need of taste and function. The wooden bar furniture is a great classic of the living room furniture as it is made with the material that best suits the environments furnished in classic and modern style. Even in the case of discreetly sized interiors it is easy to find the solution that suits our needs and opting for bar cabinets with casters you have the opportunity to move our functional container from one room to another of the house and take it out if necessary.

How to make a bar corner at home

Creating a bar corner in the house means reserving space for the preparation of drinks and cocktails. The bar cabinet with counter is the right choice for those who, having ample space at their disposal, decide to dedicate an entire area to bar equipment. A real corner of the house that, thanks to the presence of stools, recreates the moment when sitting with a friend sipping a drink at the counter and taking advantage of the moment to have a chat. However, if the space of your living room or kitchen does not allow it, just equip a closed compartment of a cupboard, for example. The cabinet must contain bottles of different sizes, glass containers and have practical extractable shelves, as in the case of bar cabinets with trays, so that this container cabinet can fulfil all its functions. There are also bar cabinets with integrated lighting in which the possibility of having a light source, as well as facilitating the search for the right glass and drink at the time, enhances this refined cabinet.

Bar cabinet: from icon to contemporary product

Having bar furniture available contributes effectively to the success of an interior design project. An iconic product that is continuously revisited in a modern key: a few lines, sharp geometries and accessories make a modern bar cabinet a flexible and customizable complement.
All the great names in design have ventured at least once into the design of this curious piece of furniture. It is not difficult to find designer bar furniture in line with the taste of lovers of the genre.
They are considered trendy furnishing accessories, give a young and fresh look to every living room and are usually very practical to use, just think of the bar furniture with wheels that can easily be transported from one room to another.
The typical versatility of these products allows them to be placed in other places in the house other than those you are used to thinking about, bar furniture with wine cellar are the essential furnishing accessory if you own a tavern.
If the material finish allows it, models of outdoor bar furniture are available, ideal for those who love to create convivial environments in their garden or on the terrace.

Styles and types of bar furniture

Modern bar cabinets are extremely versatile multifunctional workstations, able to fit into any context thanks to an infinite variety of models and colours. The presence of numerous internal accessories enriches its functionality, you can choose bar furniture with refrigerator if you want to take care not only of the external appearance but also of the function of this furniture.
The design of the new models of bar furniture ranges from classic shapes to modern structures. Although not essential in a home, these elements are a solution that allows you to furnish a corner of the living room in an original way, playing with products from the classic aspect up to ultra modern accessories characterized by the presence of chrome tubes and metal panels.
The lacquered bar furniture is very diffused and the finish allows its customization in line with the environment for which it is intended, while if you want to give a refined touch to the environment by drawing attention to our lovely furniture you can choose between the marble bar furniture, a material that is a guarantee of quality and aesthetic taste.

The bar globe: an intriguing and curious piece of furniture

In the field of furniture, the most creative solutions are generally those most appreciated if you want unique and stylish solutions for your interior.
Among the classic style bar furniture, the bar globe has been very popular, an amazing invention: an "openable" globe that contains glasses and bottles.
It is a magical, intriguing and curious object that gives guests a moment of intense amazement and takes them to the 16th century, a time when the globe played an important role in the lives of navigators and was the starting point for exploring the world. The bar globe, generally produced by hand working with wood, is therefore a precious treasure chest to be contemplated in company in which to store crystal glasses and fine bottles.

Bar furniture as a symbol of conviviality

The bar furniture allows you to carve out personal spaces and to stimulate interaction. They are the right choice for those who want to create a convivial space inside their home without sacrificing refinement in the choice of every decorative detail. For lovers of retro taste, the choice will certainly fall on a 50's furniture bar that, recalling the typical atmosphere of American cinema, gives the interior the elegant appearance of those homes where guests are offered a glass of whiskey or a good glass of wine. If you want to recreate a real dream atmosphere, the bar furniture with radios and turntables are considered vintage jewels to receive friends with a romantic background music.

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