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Walnut sideboard with doors


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TRAME | Sideboard By Barba design


Walnut sideboard with doors



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70.C1 - 58.A1

Trame is a four-door storage unit with soft closing.‎ Made of natural Canaletto Walnut essence.‎
Available in two different dimensions.‎
Trama 70.‎C1: Internally divided into two compartments with an 8 mm extra-clear glass shelf per compartment.‎
Wooden base H 20.‎ Furniture decorated on the doors with engraving T.‎2B
Trama 58A1: Sideboard with two doors with soft closing.‎ Made of natural Canaletto Walnut essence.‎
Internally only compartment without shelves.‎ Wooden base H 27.‎ Sideboard decorated on the doors with engraving T.‎1A

"Infinite combinations of shapes and colors for TRAME, the collection of containers designed by Manuela Pelizzon.‎ Rigorous and essential lines embellished by
Textures engraved on the surface.‎ History and craftsmanship intertwine once again to give life to the Trame collection, where precious materials and processes are expressed in pure elegance.‎ The pure geometric decorations of Trame are inspired by the Japanese "Kumiko", an ancient technique of working and assembling thin pieces of wood without nails.‎ The Kumiko woodworking technique developed in Japan during the Asuka era (600-700 AD) and has since been perfected and handed down by generations of craftsmen.‎
The designs for the kumiko pieces are not chosen at random: many of the nearly 200 models used today have been around since the Edo era (1603-1868).‎ Each design has a meaning or imitates a design found in nature that is meant to be a good omen.‎
Also for Trame the decorations have been reinterpreted in order to bring them back to the new modern languages.‎
Not simple furniture, but objects that give emotions at every glance.‎ "

Trama 70.C1: 245 xP 45 x H 90 cm
Trama 58.A1: 125 x 45 x H 85 cm
Dimensions TRAME | Sideboard
Dimensions TRAME | Sideboard

Trame Collection by Barba design
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