Barbecue accessories

Barbecue accessories are essential if you want to bring to the table a barbecue worth of the name! Support bases, lids, fry-top and screens complete your barbecue with absolute comfort and safety and will make your friends jealous. For the cooking instead, the market offers accessories for whatever kind of food. The minimal set includes a knife, carving fork, spatula, brush and tongs. The carving fork and the tongs come in handy when you want to flip over lighter food like cheese, fish and vegetables. The brush delivers the sauce or marinade directly onto whatever you’re cooking. Whatever you want to barbecue, don’t forget the oven glove that prevents you from getting burnt. A “book” grill will be quite useful to cook food easily. You simply close the hook and turn around the grill to get an even cooking. Cutting boards and meat thermometers will complete the set with a “pro” touch. A wire brush will help you cleaning the grill.

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