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Just like the other areas of the house, a well planned bathroom can contribute to make the environment more functional and aesthetically appealing. The bathroom complements should be chosen with care and good consideration of the available space so for the composition to be organized and functional. Based on the style we want the space to have, it will be possible to opt for traditional washbasins and bathroom fixtures, contemporary wall-mounted fixtures and compact space-saving elements able to fit in tiny spaces. Also the choice made for bathroom furniture will help characterizing the space with the right style. The last trends in the field of bathroom furniture include materials and shapes thought to make cleaning up easier, while allowing freedom of choice in a way to respond to any style-related need.

Planning a design bathroom from scratch

When planning a bathroom we normally have limited square meters available, when compared to other areas of the house. It is therefore of utmost importance to choose furniture and complements that guarantee the space functionality without overlooking aesthetics. Once the positioning of the element is sorted out, it is be possible to choose the washbasin, toilet, bidet, bathtub and shower out of an extremely wide array that includes iconic models, now produced for decades and yet trendy, as well as new propositions, allowing for an even wider choice on materials, colors, finishes and cutting-edge functions that allow to clean and sanitize the bathroom with the help of technology.

Washbasins and wall-mounted bathroom fixtures for a contemporary style

Contemporary bathroom fixtures give a sense of cleanness and tidiness to the environment. This is made possible by the minimal structures of the furnishing complements such as wall-mounted fixtures, available in ceramics and innovative materials, with colors that range from pure white to more elegant neutral tones, from pastel nuances to chromatic options thought for people who love daring.

Add a personal touch with bathroom taps

The next element to consider when planning the bathroom and in combination with the washbasin and bathroom fixtures, are certainly the taps. Next to the classic stainless steel single handle taps, the current market encompasses a host of new shapes, the result of a continuous style experimentation playing with geometries and finishes that encompass brass as well as opaque colors and chromatic inserts.

Decorative radiators: the new protagonist of contemporary bathrooms

Useful and aesthetically catchy, decorative radiators have established as a must-have in our houses. Modern towel warmers are indeed furnishing elements that have taken over traditional radiators. They are available in a multitude of finishes and shapes, including quite peculiar ones, that enable everyone to make their bathroom look unique.

The correct bathroom lighting

Designing the right bathroom lighting will not only allow to increase the functionality of the environment, but also to furnish with light. Besides the classic mirror lamp, essential in any bathroom, the choice should also consider wall lamps and floor lamps specifically conceived for the bathroom with materials and finishes that suit moist spaces.

The ideal accessories for a functional bathroom

The last but definitely not the least choice will be the one related to bathroom accessories. Be them pendant or standing, the current range of products allows to customize the bathroom according to personal tastes, looking at each detail, from the towel rack to the soap dispenser, from the toothbrush holder to the storage boxes that help keeping everything in good order, from textiles like towels, bath robes and bathroom mats, till including audio and video systems for those who wish to make their relaxing moment just perfect.

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