Bathroom cabinets

Furnishing a bathroom with pieces that successfully combine design and functionality is paramount to shape a space that is easy to use and shows a thought aesthetics. Bathroom cabinets come in a multitude of models, materials and finishes that make them suitable to any context. Be it wall or column cabinets, a composition with the washbasin shall be chosen considering the available space and its design.
The bathroom space can be furnished in several different ways, following personal taste. It is common to opt for plain compositions that enhance a sense of cleanness and tidiness and make the best use possible of the available space. Functionality is the main element, but it needs to contribute to add an extra touch to the environment too.

Suspended bathroom cabinets. Minimalism and lightness

The extreme freedom of customization runs along the same lines of this trend that has become almost a necessity, over time; through vivid material finishes blended with chromatic contrasts or tone on tone combinations it is now possible to experience the bathroom with all senses. Modern bathroom cabinets are conceived for environments that like bold colors that usually combine well with metal structures and accessories. Matt or polished colors are associated to stone, marble or wood surfaces. Next to in view metal structure that belongs to the world of standing bathroom cabinets, suspended bathroom cabinets are the result of the quest for clean and minimal lines of our modern era. Suspended bathroom cabinets suit ideally in small spaces, as they convey the idea of a better use of the bathroom, airiness and visual lightness. At the same time, there is a loss of volume, since the lower part stays unused and because they are less deep than floor standing cabinets.

Floorstanding cabinets functionality and robustness

Generally classified as proper of a classic style, floorstanding bathroom cabinets are largely used also in more contemporary style. The choice often falls on this kind of cabinet for the greater storage capacity and the possibility to insert numerous accessories like drawers, open shelves and doors. Differently from suspended cabinets they have the benefit not to require any masonry intervention, as it is enough to place them flash with the wall. If they end with a plinth or directly with a base, floor cleaning is less handy; however this is but a secondary issue, if the priority is to achieve a maximum level of room exploitation. By the way, there are countless alternatives of freestanding bathroom cabinets that almost keep the same visual lightness of their suspended counterparts, thanks to long legs bearing anyhow deeper bases, therefore more containing than the suspended ones.

Bathroom cabinets to customize the space

Compositions with different shapes, styles and materials allow to customize the bathroom to the highest degree, based on the room available and personal needs, and, if wished so, to harmonize the style with the one characterizing the rest of the house, by recalling finishes and colors. In a bathroom from average to large size, furnishing can comprehend several elements, often modular, to adapt to any space and meet any need. Among the must-have complements in a bathroom there are vanity units, wall cabinets and column units. Storage cabinets feature doors or drawers and are usually combined with the vanity unit. Among them column bathroom cabinets, closed with doors or open, dominate as design complements available in the freestanding or suspended versions. Wall cabinets to be positioned nearby the washbasin, with doors or open, are used to store cosmetics and accessories. Bathroom cabinets with drawers are also widely used as they allow to store towels and accessories at the best, in an organized and easily manageable way.

Modular complements. How to organize the bathroom space

Before choosing the pieces of furniture, it is necessary to analyze the room dimensions and configuration so to best use the space available and create harmonious and balanced compositions. In small-sized bathrooms it is recommendable to at least have a cabinet unit in the washbasin area, like bathroom cabinets with mirrors or a mirror featuring a storage unit on one side. In larger bathrooms normally there is more freedom to opt for modular sectional bathroom cabinets with open units and shelves, better if combined to column cabinets. The modular and sectional aspect diffused at current in the bathroom furnishing domain is quite similar to the one characterizing the kitchen environment. Depending on the specific requirements of a bathroom it is possible to create the most appropriate composition.

Bathroom furniture in a classic or a modern style

Once the size of the room and the needs are determined, it is time to choose the product of design to be fit in the bathroom furniture style. A classic style bathroom cabinet plays with wood and mixtures of finishes and materials, often pickled, like in the case of column cabinets with glass doors or vanity units with rounded lines. Modern bathroom cabinets, on their hand, better support minimal compositions with neat surfaces, polished shades and metal finishes. Among the numerous trends also shabby chic style units took hold in the world of bathroom furnishing. This style stands midway between classic and modern style and features delicate chromatic and vivid combinations, at the same time, while having details as its strength point. ... More ... less


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