Bathroom ceiling lights

If you want to create the right atmosphere in your bathroom you need to carefully design lighting, rationalizing it in all the areas. Together with the mirror, general lighting represents the major light source in the bathroom. A ceiling light placed at the centre of the room will illuminate all the room and you’ll be able to use all the corners of the room and doing the cleaning up will be easy. Choose a celing light in opalescent white glass for a dazzle-less shiny light to be installed at the centre of the room or next to the bathtub or shower. As an alternative, you can choose some spotlights recessed in a false ceiling, especially in small bathrooms. Swiveling and rotating spotlights are ideal to provide light over specific areas and objects. A hanging light is less common because it takes visual space and it’s usually suited for larger rooms.

How to choose the right bathroom ceiling light? First of all, consider technical issues. For safety reasons, make sure that the IP category for the lights is the correct one. It depends on the CEI 64-8 norm that establishes protection zones. In zone 1, bordered by the walls around the bathtub or by walls at a 120cm distance from the shower, and in zone 2 which is a 60cm extension of zone 1, the lamps must ensure an IP 54 protection grade (protection against water splashes from any direction). If the water system has lateral outlets for hydromassage, you need an IP 65 protection grade (protection against water jets from any direction). More, apart from the style of the bathroom, always choose energy saving lamps with a high light yield so to have a correctly illuminated room while limiting energy consumption.

Then you must match the style of the lights with the bathroom fixtures and the bathroom claddings. If your bathroom is classic style, then choose round decorated lights. If, instead, your bathroom is modern, choose spotlights placed correctly in the room to create a diffused light and a spotlight sensation at the same time maybe pointing it on designer’s bathroom fixtures.

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