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Bathroom lighting

Bathroom lighting offers a response to functional needs, at the same time giving an opportunity to furnish the space with a series of solutions thought to embrace style and aesthetic needs. Lighting needs to be planned with extra care in a bathroom, where the space is generally relatively limited and natural light not always present. From wall lamps to LED-light solutions, from backlit mirrors to floor lamps specifically finished to withstand humidity, the options are plenty. The market offers design products that allow to achieve different light effects, to be chosen based on the project needs. It is possible to opt for intense lights that reproduce solar light, for instance, for dim light for relaxing moments, or for spotlights positioned so to highlight a precise portion of the space.

The appropriate bathroom light can transform the space

A careful study of the bathroom light can change the perception of a narrow space, playing with its size and perspectives, alternating spots of cold light with indirect, soft and cozy light effects. The general light can be supplied by means of a ceiling light for the bathroom, often casting indirect light, so to avoid dazzling. Ceiling lights are available in different shapes and finishes, can be installed in the middle of the ceiling and fixed or adjustable so to be able to point the light beam. Spotlights can accompany the ceiling lamp in large size bathrooms in order to ensure a more spread and better distributed light on the environment, or they can utterly replace it when a solution that is fully integrated in the false ceiling is preferred. It is less common to choose pendant lights, instead, since in such a small space they can look rather obstructive.

How to choose the mirror lights

Mirrors are an essential element a bathroom. In order to bring light to this room it is possible to opt for a mirror with integrated light, an especially recommended solution for those who seek to reproduce an aesthetically essential style and do not want to add too many in view elements on the walls surrounding the mirror. In spaces that are commonly small such as the bathroom it is indeed advisable to limit the visible items to a minimum. The effect provided by backlit mirrors is ideal in this sense. Alternatively it is also possible to choose for a mirror lamp or a wall lamp for the bathroom with direct light. These options are recommended when we want to concentrate the light upon specific areas, such as the washbasin, for instance, where it is better to plan a quite intense light with neutral tones. An extra option is offered by spotlight recessed in the false ceiling, in correspondence with the space where the washbasin and the mirror are installed. It is anyhow important to pay attention on how to adjust the beam of light, since a vertical light is more likely to create shaded areas on the face and therefore be little of little use considering what they are aimed for. Similarly, a light pointed towards the mirror will be reflected and therefore dazzling.

Soft lights for a relaxing moment

The bathroom is an environment where also soft light can be planned and specifically for those projects that foresee the presence of a bathtub, in order to create the perfect atmosphere for a smoothing bath. In this case it is possible to choose wall lamps with indirect lights, modest in size and wall mounted. If the size of the bathroom allows, it is also possible to opt for a bathroom floor lamp. This is a less common solution, yet ensuring a striking effect and it can be positioned in a corner or next to the bathtub.

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