Bathroom mirrors

Mirrors are certainly one of the most important accessories in a bathroom, something that cannot be missed. Alongside with the main functions it serves, a bathroom mirror is the same soul of this room with its capability to enhance the space and add to its visual depth. Just like for any other furniture complement, before buying a bathroom mirror it is relevant to keep in mind some key factors both related to functionality and aesthetics. A mirror that is too wide compared to the bathroom will make the wall look disproportionate, while one that is too little will turn out to be not as useful. Furthermore, for a better visual outcome and in order to have the right space for maneuvering, the mirror should be centrally positioned in correspondence with the washbasin. A mirror should be also chosen by thinking of the light of the entire room and the bathroom furniture, as well as the style of the bathroom fixtures, bathtubs and showers.

Shapes, sizes and finishes of bathroom mirrors

There are many shapes, sizes and styles to choose from for bathroom mirrors to best match with the surrounding design. Bathroom mirrors can be round, oval, shaped as perfect circles, or rectangular, small, medium or large, to furnish the wall above the washbasin. There are a host of models with the most diverse designs, to find the ideal solution for any environment, both in terms of style and size. A mirror with an adequate size and shape will complete the bathroom furniture making it also look brighter. It goes without saying that the mirror size will depend on the overall proportions of the space where it will be installed, so to integrate harmoniously with the furniture. With regards to shape, there are traditional bathroom mirrors, including square and round, but also more sophisticate and richer lines. A rectangular mirror to be mounted on a washbasin countertop or double washbasin is definitely the best choice for a modern bathroom; a round mirror, on the other hand, when mounted on a washbasin with standard size can complete a classic style furnishing project together with sanitary fixtures with a rounded shape. In tiny spaces, mirrors are crucial. If correctly positioned they will indeed contribute to make the room look brighter and bigger. After having evaluated the size and design, it’s time to define the mirror finishes, keeping an eye on the overall furnishing style, lights and surfaces.

Accessories and finishes of design mirrors. Plenty of solutions to complete the bathroom furniture

Rectangular bathroom mirrors, developed in width, are the most popular and are usually placed on the wall above the washbasin where they are most needed. They can be simple or enriched with a shelf or small shelving system. As the space at disposal gets increasingly smaller, bathroom mirrors with cabinets have come to be the most popular choice. The cabinets offer a small closet, more or less deep, where to store different products that are used in the bathroom. In addition, it is recommendable to install a magnifying mirror next to the main mirror, very handy when making up or shaving. Lighting should not be underestimated either. The area where the mirror is placed should be lighted up flawlessly so to make ordinary actions such as making up and shaving easier. In this sense, if no applique or lamp are to be installed, it is better to focus on modern design mirrors with integrated light or LED back light.

Bathroom mirrors, styles and materials

When the bathroom mirror matches with the general room style, the overall furnishing project looks complete and of aesthetic value. Frameless mirrors are the easiest option. With their frequent particular designs they combine a great appearance with the functionality that is always requested in relation to such elements. Framed bathroom mirrors can be squared, rectangular or round and are used to enrich empty walls, with the possibility to combine the frame with the style of the other elements in the room. A classic bathroom mirror, with a thick and molded frame will adapt perfectly to the traditional washbasin in white ceramics. On the other hand, a modern bathroom mirror with squared lines and back-lit frame will combine greatly with a set of fixtures with minimalist, essential lines. Materials can be appropriately combined with the overall bathroom furnishing style too. For modern spaces, for instance, mirrors with an abstract shape and a PVC border could make for an intriguing idea. If the bathroom we want to furnish is traditional, a wood or metal bathroom mirror with frame could make for the right choice.

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