Bathroom radiators

Towel warmers have by now taken the place of the old cast iron radiators, and not only in the bathroom, with models that are able to guarantee better performances, while at the same time enriching the space thanks to many finishes, materials and shapes combinations. Bathroom towel warmers have promoted what was typically conceived as a functional element to a real furnishing complement, by uniting a carefully studied aesthetics and the use of innovative materials. Hence today, towel warmers are no longer uniquely used in the bathroom, but also in other areas of the house, thanks to the top decorative value of certain models present on the market.

Towel warmers: water, electric or infrared

Hot water towel warmers are one of the most popular options, at least in the presence of a heating system with gas boiler. Normally available in painted stainless steel, their strength point is that they can be mounted on the wall and are much less unobtrusive than traditional water radiator. Another largely used solution is represented by electric towel warmers, that guarantee an independent management and an efficient use of energy. They come in a variety of materials and shapes, in even very small sizes and are therefore the best choice in case a certain level of flexibility is required. The switching on and off can be programmed by maneuvering a thermostat located onto the radiator. The most modern models also feature remote control or wireless connection. An extra option is represented by infrared towel warmers, that can be either installed against the wall or on the ceiling and ensure homogeneous heating by means of radiation, thus contributing to keep an adequate level of humidity in the environment.

A towel warmer to warm up and decorate the bathroom

Towel warmers are by far the solution that is most commonly chosen in new builds and when renovating, since they can serve multiple functions and at the same time clear up some floor space, hence contributing to make the room look tidier. While a traditional heater is endowed of vertical elements, towel warmers normally feature horizontal elements that also turn it into a handy towel rack and towel warmer, when on. The so-to-say traditional shape of the radiator undergoes restless stylistic experimentation that has made of it a real object of design, able to set the character to the environment to a great extent and contribute to the aesthetic outcome of a furnishing project.

Towel warmers: models for all tastes

The evidence that towel warmers have become really in vogue among designers, architects and clients, is in the fact that the propositions of the companies specialized in this kind of product have multiplied. Towel warmers in stainless steel with a white tubular structure, are at present but one among the numerous options available on the market, together with models of diverse colors, opaque, glazed or with a chromed finish, to be hang on the wall or laid on the floor. Furthermore there are aluminum towel warmers with a geometrical, rectangular or circular shape, even of reduced sizes and therefore suitable to pint-size spaces. Large towel warmers with panels finished with marble or stone powder, as well as those in ceramic, cement materials or tempered glass, colored or mirrored, are the result of experimentation processes that push themselves till reinventing from scratch such an already intrinsically innovative element, to either make it near to seamless, or on the contrary, make it pop out as the room focal point.

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