Bathroom taps

Bathroom taps finish the bathroom furniture with materials and shapes that range from the classic brass double handle to models with a stainless steel single handle. Available in an infinite series of finishes, bathroom taps are able to meet increasingly advanced requests and functions. Overhead showers and shower panels, flush plates, pop up plugs and taps aerators are also part of those elements that can be coordinated so to introduce elegance and harmony. The care for design has turned such functional complements into fully fledged decorative items, able to determine the outcome of a furniture project.

Washbasin taps: how to choose the right shape

Bathroom taps design has dramatically changed over the past decades and today there is a host of shapes and finishes that allow to go well beyond the traditional mixer in stainless steel. Before choosing the materials it is anyhow necessary to evaluate what is the best shape for our tap. Bathroom taps with individual rosettes feature two handles or controls, for the separate management of the cold and the hot water flow. These models stem from the traditional ones and are today available in classical and design versions with the screw valve, ideal for environments with a retro mood. They can also come in contemporary finishes characterized by essential and geometric shapes, suitable for those who are looking for a modern solution without having to change the functioning system. Nevertheless, the most popular at current are single handle mixers, that allow to reach the desired water temperature more easily, only by using one handle. Once we have identified the more adequate kind of control for our needs and based on the chosen bathroom fixtures, it is time to look at the installation. Counter taps are directly mounted onto the fixtures flat surface, that can feature two or more holes; wall-mounted taps are installed on the same wall as the washbasin, offering a striking impact if we are searching for a design solution with a contemporary taste, possibly in combination with walls covered with resin materials, rather than with traditional ceramic. Floor-standing taps are an exclusive solution, suitable for the washbasin as well as for a freestanding bathtub; last, ceiling taps are probably the most cutting-edge and original solution, to this day, able to guarantee a powerful impact on the whole environment style.

Overhead showers: a core element for your relaxing moment

Also overhead showers can be installed in several ways, but differently from washbasins, here it is possible to combine diverse installation modes within the same context. Hence, a large size overhead can be mounted on the wall with an arm recessed in the ceiling, so to enjoy a shower with a generous water flow for maximum relax. Quite often, however, large size overhead showers are combined with smaller showers that are fixed on a wallbar. This allows to adapt the height to the specific needs and to equip the shower with several accessories. Overhead showers can generally be adjusted by means of a specific control allowing to switch the water jet and flow intensity. Moreover they can be equipped with chromotherapy and aromatherapy. Side showers enable to turn the shower into a hydromassage.

Flush plates; from a functional element to an object of design

Flush plates allow to activate the flush by slightly pressing on it. Today there are also no touch plates, typically installed in public contexts. From a technical point of view, the flush plate shall adapt to the waste mechanism and be compatible with the size of the niche for the recess. From an aesthetic point of view, the flush plate can be coordinated with the other control elements. Today there are minimalist models such as the ultra-flat flush plates, to be installed flush with the wall.

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