Bathroom wall lamps

Lighting up the bathroom correctly is quite important because shaving or make-up require the correct amount of light and good quality one. More, light helps create the right atmosphere even in the bathroom. You need to put together natural light, which isn’t available in all bathrooms, with carefully chosen and oriented artificial lights. The guideline is: balance. Too much light will lend an unfriendly atmosphere while a dark bathroom will make it hard to see what you’re doing. The two indispensable light spots are the general lighting and the mirror area. Bathroom wall lamps are essential to spread light evenly along the walls. The presence of wall lamps is necessary over the washbasin and around the mirror where you really need a strong white light. Wall lamps installed on the sides of the mirror, at a height of 150-175cm from the floor, soften shades and improve skin tones. As an alternative, wall lamps can be placed on the wall opposite the washbasin for a more spreaded light or over the bathtub to emphazise it.

Keep in mind technical issues! Whether you love classic or modern furniture, always choose energy saving, high yield lamps so to have a correctly lit room while saving energy. Make sure that the IP category of your lamp is the right one. The wall lamps to be installed on the sides of the mirror are within zone 3 so they must comply with IP21 category (Protection against average sized foreign bodies and resistance to vertical dripping).

Then, match your wall lamps’ style to the bathroom fixture and cladding. A classic style bathroom? Choose chandelier like wall lamps or spherical lamp holders mounted simmetrically to the lamp. If you have a modern bathroom, choose some rectangular wall lamps, white light, to mount over the upper edge of the mirror.

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