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Bathroom Wall Shelves

Bathroom wall shelves are essential furnishing elements where to put small objects such as lotions and perfumes. They can add greatly to the character of the walls where they are installed, as long as they adapt to the overall environment and style. The first steps to move when we are thinking to buy a bathroom wall shelf is to carefully figure out the space available. Another aspect to look at in order to make a smart choice is shape; today design bathroom wall shelves are available in diverse shapes, for all tastes and needs; with our without drawers to give the bathroom a tidy-up look; vertical or corner for a clever use of the available space.

Bathroom shelves materials

Basic or composed as tiny storage walls, bathroom wall shelves are functional design elements that enhance the bathroom wall with a variety of materials and finishing. Wood bathroom wall shelves, for instance, fit perfectly with a classic furnishing style. In their natural nuances they are the most recommended to recreate a warm and cozy atmosphere. Bold colors are better when integrated in contemporary style bathrooms. Combined with squared and geometric lines they bring a trendy twist to the whole space. Very popular are also glass bathroom wall shelves. Modern, suitable to all environments and able to give a touch of elegance to the bathroom, they can be discretely added at a later stage in spaces that look already complete. On the other hand, bathroom wall shelves in plexiglass, transparent or colored, are very resistant and extremely versatile. Ideal in tight spaces, metal bathroom wall shelves are thin and strong, while at the same time making for a sophisticate design element. The most appreciated solution from the point of view of the aesthetics and at the same time the most robust and easy to clean are bathroom wall shelves in laminate. However there are also bathroom wall shelves in Corian® or in reconstructed stone and other solid surfaces that open up to endless possible compositions perfectly harmonizing with the space.

Choosing the right bathroom wall shelves

Bathroom furnishing is experiencing a wide success also with interior designers, who are very intrigued by the possibilities this space can offer. In contemporary furnishing projects, the bathroom is no longer being conceived as a mere service room, useful for the personal hygiene just like the laundry room; it is rather considered a relax area in its own right, often enriched with elements such as hydromassage bathtubs that turn it into a real personal mini-spa. When choosing bathroom wall shelves, it is therefore of utmost importance to keep in mind this new use dimension and the different elements connected to it, both aesthetic and functional. Undoubtedly, materials need to be resistant, high quality and apt to withstand the high humidity that is proper of the bathroom space; the design should reflect personal taste and the style of the overall context; the shelves should be functional, that is to say robust and especially handy. Broadly used in recent times, adhesive bathroom wall shelves are very practical and strong complements and do not require wall drilling.

Design bathroom wall shelves; styles and colors to enrich the walls

Bathroom wall shelves are not only appreciated for their functionality, but also for their decorative value. In the right shape, size and color, they can add character to the walls. If in the bathrooms there are fixtures, mirrors or furniture with squared and geometric lines, linear, squared or rectangular shelves are more suitable. As for the color there are two options; either the shelf has the same color as the bathroom or tone-on-tone with it, or it is possible to play with contrasts and add pace to the room. If once the bathroom was furnished in white or pastel tones, today there is a tendency to pick from a much larger palette. In any case, it is always important to take into account the size and light of the room. For a tiny bathroom, light and shiny colors are more recommended together with elements in natural wood, large mirrors and not too strong light adjusted in a way that no corner is in the shadow. With large-size bathrooms instead, it is possible to dare with vibrant or contrasting colors, as for instance black and white, or furnishing elements in laminate with metal inserts and details.

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