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Polyethylene sofa

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The precedent for the furniture designed by Salvador Dalí, for which Bd Barcelona design has the exclusive world marketing rights, is the famous sofa Dalilips in the shape of a mouth which the artist created together with Oscar Tusquets in 1972 for the Mae West room at the Dalí Museum in Figueres.‎ More than thirty years had to pass before it became possible to put this sensual design into industrial production.‎Thanks to polyethylene rotational moulding technology using a special process which gives the piece a slightly delicate feel, it has been possible to reproduce the realism and expressive force which Dalí dreamt of for this large-scale mouth which you can sit on or sink into.‎ Dalilips is made in various colours.‎ Two of them are inspired by lipsticks, such as the “Shocking Pink” of the original design which Oscar Tusquets had developed alongside Dalí.‎ The white (which allows internal illumination) and black versions are personal contributions by Tusquets for this new edition from Bd.‎ Polyethylene with rotational moulding process, low density for indoor use and medium density for outdoors.‎ Colours: Pink, red Bermellón, black and ice.‎ 

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