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SHANTY | Sideboard By BD Barcelona Design


Sideboard with drawers

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A new piece added to BD’s collection of “cabinets”.‎ A typology of furniture which was lost toward the end of the last century and which we, in the last few years have wanted to regain with the same purposeful functionality of a container, but with different character.‎ Distinct cabinets apt for each project: Multileg (Jaime Hayon), Tout va Bien (Antoine et Manuel), Free Port (Martí Guixé).‎ 
Very few pieces allow for interventions with so much personality without depleting the function, with which they have been created for.‎ These convert into sculptures in a dining room or in a hotel lobby.‎ Our collection grows with the arrival of a new cabinet by Doshi Levien — designer Nipa Doshi, born in Mumbai, and Jonathan Levien of Scottish descent —, who within a short space of time have converted into one of the most unique and attractive, creative couples on the international scene.‎ This is the second design for BD after the charming Chandlo.‎ 
Named Shanty, is imagined as a patchwork of corrugated surfaces referencing improvised dwellings across the world, from Brazil to Africa and India.‎ The cabinet collection celebrates the beauty of these seemingly temporary constructions.‎ The corrugated façade appears to be a spontaneous composition of different coloured surfaces, disguising a rational and carefully considered volume of storage.‎ 

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