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The mattress bed frame should be chosen taking into account the characteristics of the mattress and the size of the bed, also assessing the type of structure itself. The vast majority of mattress bed frames are made of multilayer wooden slats, slightly curved upwards. The best slatted bed frames are those with the most flexible slats and at the same time the most resistant to loads. In fact, it is through the staves that the frame adapts to the position and weight of the body. As a general rule, it should be borne in mind that the thinner and more numerous the staves, the smaller the space between them, the more comfortable and relaxing the experience of lying down and sleeping on the bed frame will be. But there are also other factors and characteristics to consider. The adjustable bed bases, for example, the bed frames ensure a high level of customization of rigidity and posture. And a correct body position during the night's rest is essential. For this reason it is essential that the bed frame is able to support the whole body in an adequate manner.

Slatted bed frames: design and comfort

Wooden slatted bed frames are traditionally made of beech plywood, alternatively also of birch plywood. The best quality staves are those made entirely of steam-bent wood. However, bed frames with metal or plastic slats are also available on the market. In some high performance models, the staves are equipped with regulators, shock absorbers and supports to support the different parts of the body in a differentiated way, promoting blood circulation and ensuring a proper alignment of the spine. A distinction is made between models with single slats and models with double slats with a central bar. Based on these parameters, the choice may fall on single bed frames, double bed frames or even queen-size bed bases or tailored ones. In addition, the staves can be fixed or mobile, with the possibility of moving them according to various needs. The duration of slatted bed frames varies from 10 to 20 years.

Motorized bed frame

To satisfy the most demanding customers, many manufacturers also offer electrical (or motorized) bed bases. This type is particularly suitable for those who suffer from circulation problems, especially in the lower limbs, gastric reflux or breathing difficulties. These are motorized bed frames that allow independent lifting for the inclination of the head, shoulders, torso and lower limbs, ideal in cases of lack of personal autonomy. Of course, power grids can also be an option for those who simply want to be with their torso and head raised, i. e. in a comfortable position to watch television, read a book or surf on their tablet. The movement can be made either wirelessly, from a tablet or smartphone, or through a classic remote control, connected directly to the bed frame. The most advanced models have, in addition to a motor connected to the mains, also an integrated battery that allows the motorized bed frame to return to the starting position in the event of a power failure.

How to choose the right bed frame for your mattress?

In order to make it easier to fold them, memory foam mattresses are probably the best choice to associate with power grids. Relatively new on the market, bed bases with shock absorbers (or "flat" bed frames), like electricity bed frames, offer comfort and support for the body and its movements, just like shock absorbers in the automotive sector.
The number of staves is another important factor to take into account: the greater the number, the better the quality of sleep (better if between 15 and 20 staves).
The recommended height of a bed frame is about 70 cmq including mattress. Also in this case, it is better to increase the height rather than decrease it without exceeding both positively and negatively, otherwise it would result in a tatami bed rather than a traditional bed. ... More ... less
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