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Choosing the bed for the children's bedroom is never easy: decorating the children's room is in fact an activity that requires a dose of good taste and of course time, because bedroom furniture, in addition to being aesthetically beautiful, must also be able to meet the comfort needs of children and take into account other fundamental factors such as safety and style of the surrounding furnishings. Beds for bedrooms, wardrobes and desks in fact accompany our children on their way to adulthood and must therefore be chosen with great care and attention. Children's beds in particular, more than other furniture, will have to be purchased taking into account the functional and naturally stylish needs of the room in which they will be placed: some models of children's beds are designed for small rooms, perhaps shared, where an intelligent use of space is really essential. Others, on the other hand, ideal for large and spacious bedrooms, focus on aesthetics and feature imaginative and fun shapes reminiscent of castles, toy cars or boats and give an even more playful look to children's bedrooms.

Loft, bunk and canopy beds

Sleeping, reading and playing: the bedroom bed performs many functions, not least that of a container. Children's single beds are the most popular choice for furnishing children's bedrooms, but more and more often boys and girls are choosing queen-size beds. First of all, a brief distinction between boys' beds and girls' ones is necessary: the former will prefer to sleep in a brightly coloured nursery bed reminiscent of their superheroes, a camping adventure or a racing car, while the latter will be much happier sleeping in a softly coloured nursery bed, similar to a tree house, an enchanted castle or a small fairytale park. It is also important to consider the size of the room: if the bedroom set is small, the advice is to aim at beds for bedrooms with storage or with drawers. Adding this convenient optional will offer your child another storage space, always useful for linen, pillows, duvets or toys. Very simple in their form, children's beds of this type are very comfortable allies for tidying up the bedroom or an additional pull-out bed. The perfect solution for bedrooms for two or three children are the loft beds. It is a bed solution designed for bedrooms with high ceilings. Thanks to the mezzanine structure, children can experience the emotion of sleeping "high", and live in their own bedroom bed as if it were a tree house all to themselves. From a more functional point of view, the space underneath the loft can be used intelligently, inserting a desk or a large coloured carpet, which will become the area dedicated to games inside the room. Even the most classic bunk bed for bedrooms remains a piece of furniture with a timeless charm, still able to break into the hearts of many children. In addition to the classic model that develops in the column, there are new types of bunk beds for children, in the "L" shape, which have a shorter distance from the floor than the classic models. Beds for small rooms characterized by the bunk structure are generally equipped with comfortable sides to let children sleep safely all night long. One of the most popular models of beds for kids' bedrooms in classic style is certainly the canopy bed, perfect for a spacious bedroom, for all boys and girls who love to play with their imagination and find themselves in an enchanted world or in the middle of an adventure. Another interesting typology is that of the beds for children from Montessori: this bed for small rooms is very popular because it gives the child the possibility to move freely, making him feel free. In fact, the fundamental characteristic of a Montessori bed is its height: it must be high enough to allow you to climb up and down independently and, for the same reason, it must not have bars. It is also considered an excellent way to make the child independent in an important moment of daily life: sleeping alone in the bedroom will be easier for the child if there is a freedom of movement around and there is the chance to see everything surrounding, without the bars that make the bed look like a "prison" and force the child into an enclosed space.

Bedding materials and fabrics for bedroom sets

It's not just a question of style. Whether they are solid wood beds or beds made of wood derivatives, colourful and imaginative, classic or modern kids' beds, an important feature to safeguard, in addition to safety, must be hygiene. For this reason, if you choose a fully upholstered bed or a bed with upholstered headboard, it is important that the covers are removable and it is therefore possible to wash the cover to avoid allergies. Of fundamental importance is also the mattress, which must be of excellent quality, hypoallergenic and anti-suffocation.

Beds for bedrooms for every need

When choosing a bed for the bedroom it is important to create an environment that is welcoming, functional and attentive to the needs of children. The bed, on the other hand, is also an exclusive, very personal space, which must guarantee comfort and tranquillity. Children's tastes must always come first, but they must go hand in hand with style and functionality.
Also for this reason the foldaway beds, the suspended beds for kids' bedrooms, the beds with wheels are all options to keep in mind, because they allow you to use the room in all its space, perhaps leaving more freedom for children to play on the floor. Thanks to the extensive catalogue of beds for children's bedrooms available on the market, it will be possible to ensure that your child can sleep peacefully and comfortably, in an atmosphere that is always cheerful and fun. ... More ... less
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