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Solid-color carpeting

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Solid-color carpeting


Polyamide (PA)

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Who is a diva? It is a famous woman, usually characterized as a well-known celebrity. However, this word also refers to the divine nature and to divinity in general.
People have always used the term diva to indicate a divine figure, even during public ceremonies, symbolizing the ascension to the fantastic and extraordinary. If today we use the term “diva” to indicate celebrities, it’s because the virtuosity of this figure, as well as its more ancient and original significance, are the characteristics that still manage to amaze us.
We have placed both the vision of our collection and our products in the more extended concept of virtue as pure excellence and “perfect way of being”. Manufacturing of textile furnishing solutions able to represent the essence of the purest beauty and absolute quality is the basis we used to build the face of the Diva’s Collection. A feminine face, including thousands of souls and many different facets: acceptance, receptiveness, tenderness, sensitivity, understanding, fusion, the contrasts between sweetness and audacity, between vanity and empathy – the latter intended to be able to understand the desires and the expectations of the other.
At Besana Moquette, Diva’s Collection is the new line of highest excellence textile products, designed to communicate luxury in its widest sense. Diva’s Collection is smooth and seductive, luxury taking the material consistency of a textile element that is able to surprise, envelope and seduce. It also resembles exclusivity, in the sense of uniqueness reflected in fashionable and never trivial products, born from a careful projecting both on aesthetic and functional levels. The absolute perfection of this collection does not mean immutability, quite the opposite: Diva’s Collection is pure customization, constant research, richness of the product, aesthetic glamour that translates into high quality and full resistance with regard to performance.
This is the only way for a diva to become eternal.

Ethereal and bright, Grace has the immortal soul of the well-known actress who became a princess. We gave her name to this high-end product, available in the textile flooring and carpet versions, because the assonance has always been clear to us – both on a formal stylistic and symbolic level. Like the woman whose face and poise are associated with elegance, grace, highest beauty and charisma, our textile furnishing solution is designed to surprise and to be unforgettable both on aesthetic and functional level.
The smooth appeal of the surface gives Grace that charm that is part of its deepest identity, while the tufting material adds elegance to a product that, due to its reduced weight, instantly transmits an absolute perception of lightness. However, don’t forget that the jute component is actually the strong and pulsating heart of this eternal diva, that is thought to last long and be with you each day, at each step.
Grace appears to be soft and smooth: it’s an actual leap in a real triumph of material, which is also confirmed on a tactile level. Perception is everything, together with aesthetics, but this would not be enough without functionality. We also thought about this: Grace offers, like all the solutions of Diva’s Collection, a superior performance in the new line of high-end products by Besana Moquette.
The target public of Grace is the one you would expect for a real princess.

Aspect: Velluto
Composition: 100% PA 6.6 Antron
Backing: Juta Comfort
Total weight: 2.750 gr/m²
Total thickness: 11,4 mm
Roll width: 2 - 4 m
Roll length: 25 - 30 m
Flammability: Bfl-s1

Further info from manufacturer on GRACE
Roll width: 2 - 4 m
Roll length: 25 - 30 m

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