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Many years of research and development of the product and the hundreds of public and private pools built worldwide have given us the opportunity to develop a technology with a low environmental impact, an extraordinary waterproofing quality and high structural performances thanks to the patented Biodesign coating.‎ The technical sheets show that the waterproofing liners are superior to those used in traditional pools thanks to an elasticity of + 300%.‎ Furthermore, they have a higher resistance against UV rays, ice, chemical products and a longer life.‎

The Biodesign structural coating, consisting of resins specially created for this use and quartz sand, has a double mechanical resistance compared to structural concrete.‎ In an absolute sense, these differences are already superior compared to the traditional construction methods.‎ However, in order to understand their real value, they should be compared in their use: in fact, the Biodesign coating is not subjected to the stresses and the water pressure, because it is positioned on the waterproofing liner and submerged in the water.‎

- Total customisation
The pool is tailor made, which increases the real value.‎
- Certified structural solidity
This technology is particularly designed to remove the weaknesses of the old pools by redistributing the weight and improving the performances of the materials.‎
- The best swimming experience
Swimming areas, beaches, seats and submerges walkways sculpted in natural stone offer the best swimming experience.‎
- International patent protection
A true restriction of competition, which ensures stable margins for the whole network.‎
- Ecofriendly building technology
Respect for the environment increases the value of the product and prolongs the success of the business.‎
- Reduces installation times
The ease of management of the construction site and the reduced installation times help the organisation and the growth of our partners.‎

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