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BR700A By bioKamino


Bioethanol burner

The Automatic burner is based on 3 main technologies:
° MPI  | Multi Point Injections: The microprocessor controls and regulates the flame in various points
° ASC | Automatic Safety Closure: Automatic closure of the burner after use
° AF | Automatic Filling: Automatic bioethanol filling in a quick and safe way thanks to the inner pump
° Control unit with bioKamino Firmware
° INOX / BLACK finish
° Guaranteed lighting at low temperatures
° Fast lighting (Approx.‎ 2 minutes*)
° Automatic lighting cycle with flame stabilization
° Flame detector
° 3 levels of flame
° Low energy consumption (60 W when lighting, afterwards 10 W)
° Motion sensor: automatically switches off the burner in case of accidental movement
° Liquid Leakage Sensors
° High Temperature Sensors
° Total Fuel Exhaustion System
° Child lock
° Safety containment tank
° Fast switch off (Approx.‎ 90 seconds)
° User-friendly
° Optional remote control
° Optional connection to Home Automation System
*Test Data relating to ambient temperature of 15°C degrees

Capacity: 3 Litres
Burning Time: 4,3 hours
Consumption max: 0,7 Litres/hours
Automatic limitation: 5 hours
Power: 4,9 Kw
Power supply: 12 V DC, 5 A, 60 W

The bioKamino burner is the result of attentive design and practical tests that put user safety in the
forefront.‎ Bioethanol does not remain free to move in bioKamino burner tanks but is absorbed by a special ceramic fibre that holds it even in the event of tipping, gradually releasing vapours when operating.‎
The ceramic fibre used is ecologically certified not to release substances harmful to health.‎  The internal labyrinth homogeneously distributes liquid during the filling phase and conveys vapour release from the ceramic fibre to the fire mouth during operations to allow for correct combustion with a lively, warm and clean flame.‎ Each new bioKamino burner model is subject to a strict series of tests before being released and included in the catalogue.‎
The burner that works with ethanol produces a real, hot and exciting fire.‎
It must be installed by a specialist in case of insertion in handcraft structures, in order to avoid problems that can be caused by fire.‎
The burner that works with ethanol can be easily inserted in a traditional fireplace using the specific supports produced by our company.‎ Then you will be able to use your fireplace without any smoke, dirt or ash.‎ It’s not a permanent installation, you can still use your fireplace with wood.‎
The new automatic burners are as complex in design as they are easy to use.‎ 

Further info from manufacturer on BR700A bioKamino

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