Ecological fireproof frost proof wall tiles

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Ecological fireproof frost proof wall tiles


Reconstructed Stone

Stone claddings that recuperate the tradition and taste of traditional homes of the past, while being innovative claddings with minimized thickness and in line with modern needs of Man and the Environment.‎ Biopietra ® Tradition Collection is harmony between avant-garde and tradition: the perfect solution for homes of today and

Artificial stone finishes with Stone effect Fireproof Artificial stone finishes Ecological Artificial stone finishes Frost proof Artificial stone finishes Composite Material Wall tiles Reconstructed Stone Wall tiles Outdoor Wall tiles Indoor Wall tiles Wall tiles with Stone effect Fireproof Wall tiles Ecological Wall tiles Frost proof Wall tiles Composite Material Stone and marble items Reconstructed Stone Stone and marble items Outdoor Stone and marble items Indoor Stone and marble items Stone and marble items with Stone effect Fireproof Stone and marble items Ecological Stone and marble items Frost proof Stone and marble items Composite Material Artificial stone facade elements Reconstructed Stone Artificial stone facade elements Outdoor Artificial stone facade elements Indoor Artificial stone facade elements Artificial stone facade elements with Stone effect Fireproof Artificial stone facade elements Ecological Artificial stone facade elements Frost proof Artificial stone facade elements Composite Material Facade Cladding Reconstructed Stone Facade Cladding Outdoor Facade Cladding Indoor Facade Cladding Facade Cladding with Stone effect Fireproof Facade Cladding Ecological Facade Cladding Frost proof Facade Cladding ecofriendly bio hospitality green edilizia hotel alberghi facciata facade bioedlizia leed icea anab leggero light made in italy outdoor indoor design architecture bioarchitecture three dimensional LEED ANAB ICEA ECO FRIENDLY ECO SOSTENIBILE senza formaldeide senza resine sano certificato bio edilizia albergo spa wellness green buildimg Show less

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