Blinds and sunblinds

In a building you need to provide the windows with adequate shading systems in order to grant privacy and to regulate the amount of light entering the rooms. The amount of natural light reaching the window panes depends on the latitude, the season and building’s orientation. While in cold periods sunlight is desirable because it adds heat to the building, in hot periods there’s the need to screen off the light because it might cause an unwanted increase in temperature due to the greenhouse effect. Not everybody knows that the greenhouse effect is a natural physical phenomenon that happens when you have visible light transparent glass panes (short wave solar radiation) which are also capable of filtering the infrared light (long wave radiation). If the infrared light isn’t stopped, it causes the increase of the temperature in the room. For this reason, applying blinds to window panes with a high solar exposure becomes necessary to keep the room comfortable. Incident solar radiation can be filtered directly at the window casing, with blinds, shutters, or by applying external structures such as solar shadings, outdoor blinds as well as glass films. In this section of the catalogue you can discover all the products you might need to control the amount of light entering your house, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

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