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Acoustic meeting pod

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The more spacious enclosed pod in our product range, BlockO Quiet SIX dramatically reduces distractions and sounds.‎ Similar to a private office in terms of privacy, but with the benefits of pleasant acoustics and beautiful design – all built to be easily relocated if required.‎ Unique Butterfly Design doors offer the feeling of seclusion and peace and the perfect place for confidential discussions and meetings.‎

Option for a second set of Butterfly doors so access is possible from both sides – beautiful and practical.‎ BlockO Quiet SIX with space for up to six people.‎ The table is designed for optimal ergonomic use and can be specified in a range of Fenix laminate color options.‎ Keeping the interior fresh and making sure you feel alert and focused, the automatic ventilation system is designed to be hardly noticeable, but highly effective.‎

Our materials and fabrics suppliers offer an enormous range of options for colors and finishes.‎ Set your imagination free and configure the perfect BlockO for your space.‎ Increase or decrease the brightness of the disinfection light using the dimmable dial switch.‎ Hidden in the base of the pod are a set of castors – these can be lowered and used for very easy relocation.‎


  • Spectral Blue – disinfection lighting
  • FENIX anti-fingerprint table surface
  • Power sockets (with USB-C charging port included) under the seats
  • Automatic air-ventilation
  • Butterfly-doors
  • Integrated wheels for easy moving
  • Acoustic privacy backwall
  • Full color range


  • Frame: FENIX laminate or waxed wood
  • Tables: FENIX laminate
  • Exterior shell: ECOfelt or waxed wood
  • Interior: ECOfelt
  • Seating fabric: Gabriel Focus Melange
  • Carpet: Anker Aera


  • 4-door model, Butterfly doorsfor access from both sides.‎
  • Seismic Anchurbolt set BLS – Drilling to the floor under the BlockO

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Height: 2140 – 2170 mm
Width: 2130 mm
Depth: 1600 mm

Table height: 837 mm
from the floor: 922 mm
Seat height: 551 mm
from the floor: 646 mm
Table: 660 x 1463 mm

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