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FACET Hanging Room Divider 102x187cm By bloomming


Hanging room divider

Facet is a filter, a divider, a compact system for constructing spaces.‎ Designed by Mireille Meijs and Bas van Leeuwen, the Facet room dividers have a sophisticated design that embellishes the kitchen and living room.‎ Facet creates separate spaces and guarantees more privacy.‎


The ultimate space divider
The Facet suspended room divider is perfect for dividing the space in rooms.‎ It does this stylishly through capturing and reflecting light.‎ The individual geometric diamond shapes can rotate independently, creating beautiful patterns of light and shade.‎ You have absolute freedom to arrange amazing patterns, pivot the diamonds to catch the light or flip them to create more transparency! Facet is beautiful and practical.‎

Any shape, any size
The Facet suspended room divider is 100% modular.‎ We can supply the screen in any size and shape you could wish for.‎ Ideal for your home, commercial/public spaces, hotels, restaurants, offices, showrooms, retail stores or reception areas.‎ We have 117 popular sizes available from stock.‎ But as it is a modular system, we can easily create one to suit your requirements.‎ It can even be used as a stunning wallcovering.‎ The possibilities are endless.‎

Facet’s unique adjustable design allows you to adapt the way it looks in your space.‎ The individual elements that make up the screen can be rotated.‎ Even a slight adjustment to the angle of the diamonds will create unique patterns and effects.‎

Range of colors
The diamond-shaped Facet elements and frame sections are available in a whole range of contemporary colors: White, Graphite, Pearl Gray, Pale Blue, Dijon and Chestnut.‎ These carefully selected colors lend each Facet room divider a completely different character and look, to match the distinctive style of your interior.‎ The ceiling mounts for the suspended room divider are available in brushed stainless steel.‎

Sustainable materials
Facet is designed as a sustainable product.‎ The screen comprises high-quality, strong and durable injection molded materials to ensure that everything we create will really last.‎ The smart click-together system not only makes it simple to assemble, but also little effort to dismantle.‎ Facet is fully recyclable, fire retardant, UV resistant and anti-static.‎

Further info from manufacturer on FACET Hanging Room Divider 102x187cm bloomming
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Ceiling attachment length
23 cm [ 9.1" ]

187 cm [ 73.6″ ]

Total height
210 cm [ 82.7" ]

102 cm [ 40.2" ]
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