Bonaldo FLUFF Fabric double bed with removable cover


FLUFF By Bonaldo


Fabric double bed with removable cover

Fluff is a double bed with a soft, rounded design, inspired by the “Fluffernutter” sandwich, an American delicacy of marshmallows and peanut butter.‎ The softness of the headboard and the bed frame is obtained through the feather padding, which puts the accent on sensations and comfort, including visual.‎ The generous sizes and comfy forms of this
bed make it the absolute centrepiece of the sleeping area and the repository of carefree moments of relaxation.‎ The fully
removable cover is available in fabric, leather or eco-leather.‎ Fluff is also made in the “open” version: the practical storage
enables precious additional space to be gained for storing covers, cushions and everything necessary for the bedroom.‎

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