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Bookcases are one of the most important furnishing elements in our homes. Born as indispensable objects to preserve and keep in order our collections of books, bookshops have become the absolute protagonists not only of the living area but also of the sleeping area and the home office. The modern bookcase is a complement to multifunctional design: it also allows us to display decorative objects, vases, travel souvenirs and rarely small pieces of art, becoming a real piece of furniture that can determine the style and character of the environment in which it is located.

Choose the library that best suits your needs

When designing furniture for the living area of a house we have already said that it is very important to understand where to place the library and how much space we have available. Among the most sold solutions because they are cheaper, we find the standard bookcases usually made of wood or MDF and designed with shelves distributed at a constant pitch or adjustable and a closed frame. The standard bookcases, available in multiple sizes, can be easily placed in any room of the house. A sectional bookcase, on the other hand, guarantees maximum flexibility: the various modular elements are assembled together, thus obtaining tailor-made solutions that respond perfectly to every need. One solution is to alternate shelves, open compartments and closed elements to play with the volumes of the furniture. Finally, modular bookcases are very popular because of their versatility: a modular bookcase is, in fact, able to adapt to various needs and can undergo changes over time thanks to the addition or elimination of some modules. If you want to create a real wall that separates two rooms from each other you can opt for a double-sided bookcase entirely open so that the light can pass from one side of the room to the other. These bookcases can run from floor to ceiling with continuity solution and are suitable for very large or open-space environments. A similar result can also be achieved with smaller bookcases, arranged in series next to each other, from wall to wall.
There are also built-in bookcases, i. e. fully integrated and recessed in the wall, such as bridge bookcases that can be mounted around a door, constituting real dividers between the living and home-office areas or between the living and sleeping areas. If the bookshelves reach high heights it is possible to equip them with a ladder so that they can easily reach even the highest shelves.
Finally, the corner bookcases are recommended if you do not have an entire wall because they occupy a space that would otherwise have remained empty.

Buy a library, guide to buying

Choosing a library requires a careful evaluation of the space available, the use to be made of it, the materials in which it is made and the budget available. The latter is a very important factor to consider: since the library is an object that is used for many years, buying a high quality piece will justify a higher expense. If you want a custom bookcase, integrated into the wall, but the price is considerably out of budget, you can opt for a series of identical bookshelves, side by side with each other. This solution allows you to have an economic library with an effect similar to that desired but with a much smaller investment. Measuring the space in which to place the library can also help us to restrict the options available and guide us in purchasing. If you do not have much space available, a suspended bookcase is particularly suitable for the possibility of using the wall surface, vertically. The last factor to consider when purchasing is how to use the library: for the most greedy readers, you need strong and robust libraries, able to bear the weight of all books. A bookcase with a display case function can be more decorative and less resistant. These also include open bookcases that fit perfectly into the living area, as they are able to highlight the volumes of the room with large open shelves on which it is possible to display books or various objects.

Bookcases: an infinity of materials to choose from

On the market you can find endless configurations and models of bookshelves, from classic design to the most modern interpretations, with blocks that play with projections, rotations, full and empty but also and especially with the materials. The wooden bookcase is a great classic. It offers resistance over time and is very solid as it can withstand a considerable weight.
A solid wood bookcase also involves quite high costs. To achieve a similar but significantly cheaper effect, an MDF library is recommended. However, it should be noted that this type of bookcase is not able to withstand excessive weight and is therefore not suitable for a large number of books. Emblematic of elegance, purity and refinement, the glass bookcase is a true icon of contemporary living style, as beautiful as it is delicate. An all-glass bookcase cannot support the weight of dozens of books but is used more as a showcase on which to display some small decorative object or frames with photographs. If we are fascinated by the transparency of glass, we can choose a bookcase with a wooden or metal structure and glass shelves. The bookcase in wood and glass is in fact a good compromise between solidity and style. In recent years, however, the spread of contemporary or industrial style has contributed to the spread of metal bookcases characterized by a minimalist and sober style. Depending on the type of metal used, the bookcase may not be particularly attractive, but if combined with other materials, the metal will appear more visually appealing. Many modern bookcases use a metal structure with wooden or glass shelves.

The library as a multifunctional object

The classic wall-mounted bookcases have now become true multi-functional elements equipped with the most varied accessories.
Sometimes they involve such a complex and large-scale design that they can be considered real walls equipped with audio-video equipment, table tops, seats and much more. Bookshelves with TV stands are the most popular and are often placed in front of sofas and armchairs to allow you to comfortably watch a movie. Often, on the other hand, bookshelves can be found in the study rooms of the house or in the children's bedrooms. In these cases it is possible to find bookshelves with a built-in desk or simply with extended shelves that act as a real study or work plan.

Shelves as an alternative to classic bookcases

Space to store objects is often a problem. Shelves are the ideal solution to store and preserve many objects of our house. They can be found in the cellar or garage, but also in the kitchen or in the closets. Racks can have multiple functions, are easy to install and do not require excessive costs. Moreover, their modularity and their modularity make them adaptable to any space. Depending on the house and the space available, they can be up to the ceiling or occupy entire walls.
When choosing a shelf, you have to keep in mind what you intend to put on it - and therefore the load it will have to bear - and where it will be placed. Among the most popular are the open metal shelves, suitable for both kitchens and storage rooms: they can in fact serve as real handouts or space for the storage of objects not needed for a certain period of the year.

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