”Behind every writer stands a very large bookcase.” (Justin Cronin)
Any place is ideal for a bookcase: the living room, the bedroom, the studio, the office… Choosing the one that you need requires some thinking. Think about where you’re going to put it, about the available space, the materials. Let’s try to find out where you want to put it. If the living room is the place, you may choose an open bookcase to highlight your volumes in all of their beauty. Optmize and use every square inch of your house. Choose a wall mounted bookcase: it can lean on the wall or be fastened to it thus being suspended. You can cover a portion of the wall or in case of large spacious rooms, you can cover all of it endowing the room with style and personality.

A sectional bookcase grants all the flexibility you need: the many different modular elements can be assembled thus obtaining a tailored solution that responds to your needs perfectly. You can alternate shelves, open storage and door storage for a lively and stylish piece of furniture.

If you’re thinking of putting the bookcase in the bedroom, consider proportions. This won’t be the principal piece of furniture but it will have to blend in with bed, wardrobe, bedside tables and chests of drawers. So, choose a slimmer bookcase with pale colors to avoid weighing down on the room.

In case of studio apartments or open space houses, the bookcase can become a partition element. So you can choose a full height double sided bookcase thus creating a perfectly blended partition.

The bookcase is the personalizable piece of furniture par excellence. The market offers countless configurations and models. From the plainest ones with orthogonal shelves and columns, to the most eccentrical interpretaions with round, beehive, blocks bookcases that play with supports, rotations, empties and fulls. The bookcase is a small architecture!

Pay attention to the material. Wooden bookcases are a timeless classic! Firmness and versatility are the main features of this material, their making determines the style. Laquering and squared shapes for your contemporary style bookcase. Mouldings, inlay and precious wood for your classic style bookcase. Glass would be a designer’s choice. It can adapt to any room, descreet yet determined and stylish your glass bookcase will add that particular touch to your room! ... More ... less


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