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Bottle racks

There are several furnishing complements able to revamp the living area adding that classy extra touch. Bottle racks are among those. This accessory can make your living area look cozy and chic, combining functionality and elegance at the same time, both within classic and more modern, avant-gardist designs. Bottle racks, which have always been merely rustic accessories, have made a revival of sorts in contemporary flats, becoming a must to keep the best bottles tidy and exhibit them as paintings. The stylish design and materials make bottle racks a unique accessory, able to fill with style and practicality any corner of your house. Varying from the simplest and more classic floor bottle racks, to the more modern and catchy wall bottle racks, any need can be met. Even on a set table, your wine will find its place with table-top bottle racks that will maintain the temperature and prevent annoying, unaesthetic stains.

Choose the right material for your bottle rack

Memories from the past come to our minds, of when wines were displayed in wine cellars as if they were a small treasures to safeguard and cherish; wooden bottle racks were the protagonists contributing to make the rooms warm and sophisticate. In modern apartments, bottle racks are the ideal solution for those looking for a good alternative to the typical wine cellar. A small selection of wines is always ready to use, enriched of the authentic warmth of a material such as wood, that brings the mind back to the past and the origins of this accessory. Today bottle racks are revisited and redefined also with new materials that make this accessory suitable also to contemporary and ultramodern houses. Metal bottle racks are a perfect example of that. Brushed and chrome metal elements will perfectly suit the most youthful and fresh living areas. The perfect window for a good selection of wines certainly are plexiglass bottle racks. By disappearing within the environment they make the bottles undisputed protagonists in their own right.

Differences among bottle racks, shelves and wine coolers

No wine enthusiast can do without having the best wine selection at their fingertips, directly at home. If for bottle racks a tiny corner of the house is enough, wine shelves need further space, the right temperature and a thermal insulation of a certain relevance. Always for the home use, wine cellars are gaining ground as a natural technological evolution of a furnishing complement that is not intrinsically linked to any specific technology, but that serves as a plain support surface for bottle of any dimension. Wine shelves, on their hand, are only for connoisseurs. Depending on the bottles quantity and especially on the room size a small to medium or big wine cellar can take shape. Shelves need to be located in a room sheltered from light and heat sources, even better if protected on walls and the ceiling with extruded polystyrene panels that can benefit its insulation to a certain extent.

Some tips on wine conservation. How much should a bottle be tilted?

The bottle position is fundamental for a proper conservation of the wine. The incline given by bottle racks will make your wines age properly and that they are at their top any time you decide to open a bottle. The best way to keep wines is in a horizontal position. This way the wine inside always touches the cup (better if a cork) thus preventing it from drying and especially impeding oxygen to enter the bottle. To be precise, an inclination of 5 degrees is perfect in terms of wine conservation. In this way eventual sediments tend to concentrate on the lower part of the bottle without touching the side. When is it time to put the bottle in a vertical position? One day before its opening would be ideal.

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